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Isang Mensahe

Isang Mensahe

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A lover of rain. Someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days. Masaya pag umuulan. May naaalala kasi. #RainQuote
Falling Rain

Falling Rain

The falling rain reminds me of you. Because, I, too, am falling for you. Sana totoo na nga ito. #RainQuote

Araw ng Kalayaan ng Feelings

Sa Araw ng Kalayaan, nawa'y lumaya ka na sa feelings mo sa kanya. Palayain mo na rin ang sarili mo, Bes. Sometimes, you have to let go completely to be absolutely free. The secret to happiness is freedom,...


Araw ng mga Tanga

Araw ng mga Tanga




A Damsel Not in Distress

A Damsel Not in Distress

by Krystel Jane Mendejar She's independent and brave. She walks along the subway with her head up not trying to look weak. She draws attention in a blink of an eye. To some women, the way she...
his answer

His Answer

by Ann Marie He wasn't perfect. No guy is. But that's what I love about him. He didn't try to act perfect. He showed me every parts of him that I got to know his very...

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He Said, She Said | An essential part of the Waterfront hotel experience is food... the fine flavors that give pleasure and the sensations of luxury that it evokes. In all its hotels – Waterfront Pavilion Hotel & Casino Manila,...
via The Medical City June is Dengue Awareness Month – a disease caused by a virus transmitted to humans by the bite of an infected mosquito. Protect your loved ones from dengue by knowing its symptoms. If fever persists for four...

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