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We just broke up: How do I pick up the pieces again?

Gloomy day

From message sender “Jessie” | Hi there. I need some advice. My boyfriend and we just broke up. We have been together for almost one and a half years. I really don’t know how to move forward with my life. I just can’t. I don’t know what to do anymore as I feel so broken. It’s hard to forget him everytime someone ...

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Closure: Can you have it without asking your ex?


From message sender “Athena” | I just want to know what can I do to have closure without talking or asking closure from someone? He Said: Hi Athena, thanks for your message. There are really different types of situations that needs closure. They may be lost loves, those that didn’t conclude well, or even friendships that have ended. In these cases, ...

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We’re in an LDR and he cheated once: Can I still trust him?


From message sender “Kyrie” | Hi, I’m from the Philippines and in a long distance relationship with my partner. May isa po kaming anak (we have one kid). Naloko na po niya ako 2 years ago at nahuli ko siya noon sa Facebook Messenger (He cheated 2 years ago through Facebook messenger). Can I still trust him? He Said: Hi Kyrie, thanks ...

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What really is loyalty and faithfulness in a relationship?

At a crossroads (Photo via |

From message sender “Fred” | Hi, I have a question on being at a crossroads in my relationship. I have a girlfriend and we’ve been together for more than 6 years. I can say that I am still loyal to her. But lately, I have come to like someone else. “Like,” meaning more than friends. I told the “other girl” about my feelings for ...

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When it’s time to move forward

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From message sender “Adele” | Hi and Good Evening! I’m from the Philippines. I saw you on my profile posted by a friend. I thought of messaging you for advice. I couldn’t really talk to anyone. Here goes… My partner and I are not really in good terms. We have a 6-month old son and he doesn’t come often to visit ...

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Somewhere down the road — The right love at the wrong time

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From message sender “Viola” | Hi po! I’m 25 years old, single and heads a youth ministry in our church. I am keeping secret from the “public” my break-up with my boyfriend, who also serves in the same ministry. We broke up at least thrice during our 4-year relationship. The last break-up happened a few months ago. There is no reconciliation in ...

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Six months pregnant with no support from the baby’s father

asian pregnancy

From message sender “Zeny” | Hello, I am one of your avid readers of your Facebook page He Said She Said Philippines. I need your advice. I am happily pregnant (6 months now) and excited that I’ll soon be having a little angel. But what’s hurting me is the fact that the man whom I thought will be there for us ...

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Seeking closure on a failed marriage

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From message sender “Heather” | Hello! I haven’t read the article of “how can you let go of someone you love,” as it is also my case right now. I’m a mother of two. Our rocky relationship started back in 2009. We would separate but then he’d come back again. This time, he left me for good. Although I still love him, I ...

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After 3 heartbreaks: Is being single her destiny?

There are people out there who are waiting to meet you and waiting to love you. You just need to stick around for them. (Photo via

From message sender “Monica” | Hi, I have been reading your posts and find them helpful. I need your advice. Three consecutive bachelors left me. Please tell me what should I do. Do I just stop loving someone? Or is it my destiny to be single such that I could not find “that” someone? Thank you. Monica — He Said, She ...

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When he or she chooses to leave, it’s a blessing


From message sender “Cherry” | Hi po. Can I ask for advice? How can I let go someone I loved so much. He chooses to leave — giving me some reasons which for me are not enough to end our 3-year relationship. Is it because he has a new one that’s why he choose to leave? Thank you so much! Keep on inspiring and ...

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