There Could Have Been Us


by Gayy Bacalso Mataverde | shared on He Said, She Said If things could have just happened differently, there could have been us. We could have been together now. We could have been happier now. But just as the wind separates the leaves from the tree, the destiny also separates us from being together. The leaves withered, and so did our ...

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10 Minutes Ago

10 minutes

by Mira Quel | shared on He Said, She Said from a jelly girl 10 minutes ago 10 minutes ago I envied and was jealous of you. 10 minutes ago I wished I could turn back time and never let you meet him. 10 minutes ago I was about to burst. But that was 10 minutes ago. I tried to pull myself together ...

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Lover of Life

lover of life

by Ronz Aguila | shared on He Said, She Said I am Ronz. My treasures in life include my kids, my family, and my precious friends.  I am nothing now but a shattered soul, a broken heart, an empty spirit. For so many years, I remained strong until nothing is left of me. I’m drained. I’m tired. I used to believe ...

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by Jessa Cartel | shared on He Said, She Said My life is happier until you came. When I first saw you, I told myself that you were the one I want to spend my life with. We had our first talk. You have told me that you like me because I’m pretty. My heart was changed into a soft ...

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Tears of Juliet


by Ollan Yao | shared on He Said, She Said Fighting for love is never easy but giving up is even harder when it’s everything you want. I am Juliet and he’s my Romeo but our story is different. Loving someone who can’t love you back is very painful but I did everything just to make it possible. I never stopped ...

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Loving can make you strong and weak at the same time

loving and weak

by Kim Bicos on He Said, She Said | It’s just frustrating to accept the fact that loving can make you strong and weak at the same time. When you love, you’ll get the feeling that you can do anything—that nothing is impossible. You become someone who believes in everything because that’s just how love works. Love gives you confidence. It ...

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Hindi Biro


by MJ | shared on He Said, She Said Hindi mo alam ang nararamdaman ko ngayon, pero sana puwedeng tanungin mo ako? Sana puwedeng kamustahin mo ako? Kung paanong nung umpisa mo akong sinuyo, sana puwede ganun mo din klaruhin ang mga agam-agam ko? Sana puwedeng kahit isang saglit, bigyan mo ‘ko ng rason para ‘wag ka nang isipin. Na sana kahit ...

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Ano nga ba talaga?


by Ma. Fatima Recto | shared on He Said, She Said | May mga pagkakataon talaga na masasabi mo sa sarili mo na ‘tama na, itigil mo na kasi ang sakit sakit na’. Mga pagkakataon na hindi mo alam kung may hinihintay ka pa. Mga desisyon na di mo pinag isipan at araw araw mong pag sisisihan. Mga salitang nabitiwan na ...

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It’s Easy


by Joy Springles | shared on He Said, She Said | Many of us are afraid of moving on because of the thought that no one will love us again. That no one will admire and make us feel special again. That no one will see how we deserve to love and feel loved again. We are afraid of moving on ...

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Nang Dahil sa Mabagal na Internet Connection

internet connection

by Mhitz Tamayo | shared on He Said, She Said | Nang dahil sa mabagal na internet connection na para bang hinahadlangan ka na makamtan ang isang bagay na matagal mong inasam. Unti-unting nawala ang kakarampot na pag-asang maisusulat mo na ang sarili mong love story. Minsan gusto kong magmaktol sa langit – manumbat. Minsan gusto kong maghumiyaw. Bakit ba hanggang ngayon ako’y nag-iisa ...

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