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REBOUND. Di ba sa basketball lang ‘to? How come, it’s easy for you to change your ex as if it were just a flat tire? If you feel you or your friend is in a rebound-type of a relationship, here’s what we say about it: He Said: It’s not that easy to fall out of love with your ex. So ...

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How to be yours po?


Kilala mo na nga ba talaga ang sarili mo? Mahirap kasing kilalanin ang ibang tao kung ikaw mismo, ay di mo pa lubos na kilala. Here are 5 questions you should ask yourself: 1) Sino ba ako ngayon? 2) Ano ba ang misyon ko sa buhay? 3) Sino ang mga taong mahal ko at nagmamahal sa akin? 4) Ano ang ...

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Stalking your ex


Pssst… are you stalking your ex? Guilty ka ba or not guilty sa gawaing ‘yan? Kung may mapapala ka diyan, heto ang sa amin: He Said: Facebook surveillance happens more often when you’ve had a devastatingly painful break-up. The sad part is that by doing so, you are prolonging the moving-on process. You don’t even bother to create a different ...

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Buti pa ang T-Shirt, may label.


Buti pa ang T-Shirt, may label. Pero tayo wala. Sounds familiar? Here’s what we say… He Said: If your relationship has no label, then there’s no relationship at all. It’s already a bad situation to be in a complicated relationship. But one with no labels means no commitments. So if you are in one (or you have a friend who’s ...

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Clingy? Need space?


Clingy? Need space? That’s a relationship challenge. It’s really a problem when your partner is clingy and you’re not — or vise versa. So how do you go about it? Here’s what we think: He Said: Every relationship is composed of two individuals. Yup, two distinct human beings from two completely different backgrounds and upbringing. Coming together, usually with two ...

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Mahal kita. Mahal mo siya. Mahal niya ay iba.


Mahal kita. Mahal mo siya. Mahal niya ay iba. Complicated? Maybe. But it’s better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all. — Like this post? Please like our page, too! More relationship tips and hugots? Need advice or have a question? Check our pinned post above ⇪. Keep coming back to: Visit #heasaidshesaidphilippines

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Memory gap o memory loss? [Nagpapaloko ka ba?]


Memory gap o memory loss? Ilang beses ka na kasing niloko, go ka pa rin. Untog mo na kaya yang ulo mo sa pader para ka magising? He Said: Hindi sa lahat ng panahon, pagbibigyan ang ‘yong “mahal” kung sukdulan naman ang kanyang panloloko. Maybe, you can forgive. But after so many hurts, believe me, it’s going to be much ...

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Handa ka na bang bumitaw? [It’s complicated]


Go figure what an “it’s complicated” relationship means. But really, you would’ve wanted it to be simple, uncomplicated. Why? Hope this helps… Relationships are supposed to be for keeps. There are struggles, yes. But the commitment to make it work and make it perfect is there. But those who hang the “it’s complicated” sign on their chest are simply saying ...

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Nagmahal. Nasaktan. Naghihintay pa din.


Nagmahal. Nasaktan. Naghihintay pa din. Ganyan ka ba o may kilala ka na ganyan? Move on na please. Tanggapin na talo ka ngayon at kailangang bumangon. Tanggapin na matalino ka man sa lahat ng bagay, sa puso, MT (medyo tanga) ka. Gusto mo ba na siya lang ang mukhang masaya at ikaw naman ay luhaan? Don’t get even. Get beautiful ...

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I have given you all of me. Why is it that for you, forever is not enough?


“I have given you all of me. Why is it that for you, forever is not enough?” If you can you relate to this, then there’s something we need to talk about. He Said: This is worse than being clingy. It’s pure obsession. It’s bad, period. Love is not possession. You don’t “own” your partner. It’s a relationship built on ...

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