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Having a hard time moving on from a past relationship?


Having a hard time moving on from a past relationship? How can you if you keep reliving the past? What’s done is done. The hard part is in accepting that it happened; that he or she will no longer be there tomorrow. Hindi ka makaka-usad sa buhay kung patuloy mong sasariwain ang inyong nagdaan. Dumaan na nga, di ba? Tapos ...

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Can you relate to this? We’re sure, you can. This is our take on the topic on Consistency. Read on… He Said: Wow, ang hirap ng partner na inconsistent, pare. I can relate to that. Dito, relate ka? 1. Mainit ba o malamig ang ulo mo? Kahit na puro pressure ka sa work, school, family, o sabay-sabay na projects, relax ...

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Patawarin mo na


Pasko na. Patawarin mo na kaya? He Said: It may not always be your fault, but in relationships, saying sorry helps. It de-escalates conflict and eases any tension. Apologies have to be real. Fully acknowledge what you did wrong, and understand why your partner is upset. Don’t say sorry for everything, though. Understand what hurt your partner. Get into some ...

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Kung Dalagang Pilipina ka at torpe naman yung guy, ano nang gagawin mo? Sa totoo lang, wala. Wala kang puwedeng gawin kundi mag-antay at magdasal na sana lumakas ang loob ni guy at ligawan ka na. Magpa-palipad-hangin ka kamo? Di din. Baka kasi assuming ka lang. Baka feeling mo lang na gusto ka din niya. Besides, baka naman pa-fall lang ...

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Do you believe in destiny?


Do you believe in destiny o mas dun ka kay batman mas naniniwala? He Said: For me like the country’s presidency, love is destiny pre-planned by God. That is, if we let God have a hand in choosing our life partner. Marami kasi diyan, kay batman inaasa ang forever nila. Kaya puro sakit ng dibdib ang nakukuha. Then meron naman ...

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How do you mend a broken heart?


How do you mend a broken heart? Is it that easy to forget someone who has become a part of your life? You’re broken. How can you pick up the pieces again and move forward? If you haven’t really recovered from a breakup, then read how to at least start the healing process. He Said: Your current situation is not ...

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Can you be friends with your ex?


Can you be friends with your ex? Or would you even want to be friends with your ex? Let’s hear it from two sides: He Said: Whether you went through a cordial or bad breakup, being chummy with your ex is not good — especially if the breakup is recent. Why? 1) It will open old wounds that probably haven’t ...

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REBOUND. Di ba sa basketball lang ‘to? How come, it’s easy for you to change your ex as if it were just a flat tire? If you feel you or your friend is in a rebound-type of a relationship, here’s what we say about it: He Said: It’s not that easy to fall out of love with your ex. So ...

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How to be yours po?


Kilala mo na nga ba talaga ang sarili mo? Mahirap kasing kilalanin ang ibang tao kung ikaw mismo, ay di mo pa lubos na kilala. Here are 5 questions you should ask yourself: 1) Sino ba ako ngayon? 2) Ano ba ang misyon ko sa buhay? 3) Sino ang mga taong mahal ko at nagmamahal sa akin? 4) Ano ang ...

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Stalking your ex


Pssst… are you stalking your ex? Guilty ka ba or not guilty sa gawaing ‘yan? Kung may mapapala ka diyan, heto ang sa amin: He Said: Facebook surveillance happens more often when you’ve had a devastatingly painful break-up. The sad part is that by doing so, you are prolonging the moving-on process. You don’t even bother to create a different ...

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