Can you be friends with your ex?

Can you be friends with your ex?
Or would you even want to be friends with your ex?
Let’s hear it from two sides:

He Said: Whether you went through a cordial or bad breakup, being chummy with your ex is not good — especially if the breakup is recent. Why?
1) It will open old wounds that probably haven’t healed yet. Unless you’re a masochist, of course. 🙂
2) You might end up being a third party. Unless you’re doing it for revenge. 🙂
3) You might fall in love again just when your ex has fallen out. Bad timing. 🙁

So don’t rush in making friends with your ex. Make sure you are over him. Make sure you have truly moved on. But if old wounds have healed, go and be friends!

She Said: Should you cut yyour ex out of your life or stay friends? There’s no definite answer for this as every break up has different scenarios. There are actually three sides for me.
First. No. if you had a bad break up, and so much has been said and done, I think it would be very hard for both parties. Awkwardness is a common stage after a separation. I know a lot who still aren’t friends up to now. Maybe because one or the other didn’t have a proper closure.

Second. Yes. If somewhere along the way you both realized that you were better off as friends. Why not? Provided you both agree. This cannot be one sided.

Third. It depends. If you were able to settle things maturely, and really talked before you parted ways, I think you can be both civil to each other. As long as you can handle each other’s company, and not give meaning to each and every gesture one makes as a sign of reconciliation, it’s fine. Maybe not friends, but at least you are not enemies.

In every decision that we make we should always consider the consequences and be ready for the reactions that we will be getting. So before making any, pray. It’s your most important weapon in any battle. God bless. A fruitful weekend everyone.

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