Give Back, Find a Friend

by Homer Nievera | shared on He Said, She Said |

In true friendships, one has to know when to be the giver or the recipient.

Love is the foundation of friendship. It is like water that needs to be poured into a glass, represented by the heart. There has to be careful balance. When you keep on giving love and nothing comes back to you, you feel empty.

Be sensitive to the needs of your friends. If you are the type who’s always in need of love and attention, you will soon find out that your friends are diminishing. You would have sapped all of their love that nothing’s left as you don’t give anything back. They’ll have to find that love from someone else.

If you’ve been deeply hurt from past relationships or were abandoned, and haven’t really been able to recover from it, you would’ve have failed to love yourself. You will be lonely. The solution? Love yourself first then it will be easy to love others. You cannot give what you don’t have.

God, the giver of life, wants us to love Him back. That’s the sole purpose of our existence. As we are made from God’s love, having the same love for others means bringing the love back to our Maker. The circle of life is the circle of love.

Thus, true friendship is all about filling the other person with attention, fellowship, encouragement, care, trust, and even touch. Connecting, like love, is two-way. If you get a simple “hi” or a forwarded message from a friend, a simple “thank you” would be enough. You have to make your friend feel that you care as well.

Isn’t it that whether you laugh or cry together with a friend, you feel refreshed? Or when you share a story, a reaction of a nod or smile is fulfilling enough? That’s because the communication is shared. There is a connection.

That is why whenever I would find someone who wants to give more than he or she would take, I would want that person to be my friend. I know I can give back something, anything.

It is easier to love a friend who loves you back. It makes the relationship last. Find a friend who can love you back, you’ve got a friend for life!

Looking for more friends? Give something back.

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