All Good Things Must Come to an End

By Earl Mahwaeh Mendoza Arevalo | shared on He Said, She Said |

I still remember the first time I saw you
I was mesmerized and fell head over heels
Your alluring beauty made me love struck
I guess Cupid’s adept marksmanship made our hearts entwined

At first I don’t have the courage to tell you
And braced myself and earned the guts
“Will you give me a chance to prove and express my feelings for you?”
You paused for a while and said “yes” with a wide grin on your face

After months of wooing, you gave me your sweet “Yes”
I was so elated, can’t explain what I feel and
I promised to take good care of your heart
And I will never change whom you know from the start

You are a perfect mate for my heart
Whenever I take a moment to think about you
a pleasing feeling pass through my heart
Seeing your face, an inevitable bliss touches my heart
How you care about me gives my heart an assurance
that it will be forever in good hands

I’m addicted to your voice
I really do love hearing your voice
I extremely love your smile, the way you laugh
Having conversations with you is wonderful

Since you came in my life, I am filled with love
Having that assurance only brightens my day
and lights up my nights
I vow to love you eternally, share moments with you
that are beautiful and the less beautiful
Because no other girl is like you,
you made me complete, you are a heaven-sent

Don’t you remember those sweet memories?
We use to do what normal married couples do
It felt like we’re a perfect combination
Those indifferences we had,
opposite poles attract to each other right?

We cook our favorite dishes together
We cuddle, lying in my chest hearing those heartbeats
telling you how much I love you
Those sweet caress, gentle kisses, soft whispers to the ear,
warm and tight embraces that feels like there’s no tomorrow
Amorous moments that keeps the ember burning

You changed everything and made my life worthwhile
You are the only reason behind my smiles
You are my heart and soul
You filled me with joy and made me as a whole

You are my world, my greatest treasure
I really love you so much that it couldn’t be measured
All our memories I miss so much

You always made me feel secure
I’d always protect you and let nothing harm you
With you I felt absolutely no fear
I hold on to you, you were my tether

Here comes my greatest fear
You went 4391 miles away from me
To pursue your dreams and made your own career
Like a child it felt like separation anxiety

Sleepless nights and sleep deprived
Pushed myself to limit just to have time
Staring at the stars and wished time flies fast
But we cannot do anything but to sacrifice

I used to sing songs for you before you sleep
Even it’s out of tune
I told you when you’re missing me to take a look
at the gaps between your fingers
For those gaps are made and fit perfectly with mine

My love for you is pure and unconditional
I embraced all your flaws and imperfections
I just really love you as a whole
In everything I do you were my priority
and never touches my mind I just can’t think cheating on you

You come to me and go like waves
You change your moods like seasons change weather
Most of the time you act hard as a rock
Sometimes as light, soft and nice as a feather
With you it’s on and off like a light
While I stayed calm and understand you
even I know I will never win against you

If only I can see the future through a crystal ball
I should have foreseen how hard will I fall
But there is so much hope and faith in our love
I was so naïve, but who would blame me for that?
I was so exalted to be in touch with reality

You promised me heaven on earth
We were in cloud nine
How could I exist there without you?
Why then do you want to leave me there?

You gave music to my life
You introduced the beat to me
You showed me how to in sync
with the rhythm but the you took the music away
You made me believe the music would last forever

I lean back and think what I did wrong?
I read every conversation with the hope that
I can pick up what I said faulty
I try to figure it out where I got wrong but still I can’t see anything
You were always happy and smiling, told me
we would never be apart and promised me to have me even in death

I never understand why you have to slip away
For all I know you got a million reasons to stay
You never listened and your heart went astray
It’s really hard to think we have to go in separate ways

I told you I’ll marry you, raise a family, grow old together
I never thought there’s an expiry date on the so-called “forever”
I thought you are strong enough to survive the distance
And you left me hanging when you got the perfect chance

Now that you have left me, I have to endure the pain
I have tried many things but I cannot find any comfort
I’m trying to replace you but I realized how irreplaceable you are
How did I love you so much yet you never saw or appreciated it?
I guess it is true that nothing lasts forever
I wish he makes you happy, although I doubt
that he will love you as much as I do

Should have weigh things
You should have thought why you held for so long before giving up
If i really did something wrong should have think the things I did right

I know one day, I will find the courage to let go
but it’s something I was never prepared to do
My heart is torn apart, and impaled it with words that hurt
Despite how much it hurts that you are gone
just like that and make confabulating stories
I do not hold a grudge against you, it would only hurt myself more

Sometimes in life, those who love fiercely, so passionately, so full, so completely
Sometimes, those are the one who hurt you the most
Those are the people who break our hearts into a million pieces
Pieces so tiny that you don’t know how you’ll ever put them back together

Thank you for everything, I never regret having you in my life
I will cherish every moment we had
You will always have a special place in my heart
That no one can ever replace

Time will tell, time heals
I do believe in second chances
We may never know
Love is sweeter the second time around.

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