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I know we’re just friends,
But hope someday it will eventually end.
For I already don’t know how to carry,
These feelings I have for you secretly.

It’s killing me knowing that you haven’t recognized,
The feeling I always think of every night.
I’m afraid of telling you,
For maybe you’ll reject it too.

Remember the first day we met?
We didn’t talk and start the conversation yet.
But you suddenly captured my heart,
Whom you invisibly touched.

It’s been years since then,
Yet you never saw still.
Those sparks in my eyes,
Everytime you’re by my side.

It’s creepy to imagine,
That you’ve made me fall all over again.
It’s a great thing to feel anyway,
But as time passes, it gets harder.

If you can just feel the pain inside,
You will find out how I always deeply cried.
Especially when you just ignore me,
And when you are with somebody.

I’m just hoping and praying,
That God won’t get tired of guiding.
In this deep feeling,
I’m constantly hiding.

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