Love and Prayer are our best weapons in times of crisis

Love and Prayer are our best weapons in times of crisis, and the keys that open God’s heart for us.

He Said: Many times in our lives, these to things will save us — love and prayer. They go together. You can’t say you love God if you don’t pray to Him, right? Because prayer is how we connect and talk to our Maker. In a relationship, where we pour everything we’ve got out of love for a person, prayer comes before, during — and even after. Love is our foundation, prayer strengthens it. Thus, if you’re ready for love, make sure to pray for the right one. If you’re in a loving relationship already, pray for guidance and strength (especially against temptations and our own human weaknesses). When the relationship has ended, pray for healing, and of course, the next one: the right one. Enjoy life knowing that you need to eat, pray and love. And the greatest of all is LOVE. 🙂

She Said: Love and prayer. These are the two most powerful weapons in any relationship. All it takes is a loving prayer to change everything. It may not be an immediate result, but doing it unceasingly will give the best answer you deserve. Praying for your love ones is easy. But will you also pray for those you once loved? You should. This won’t make you less as a person. In fact it will make you stronger. Let us make this world a better place to live in. Let us pray for one another. May God bless us all. Life is beautiful. Stay happy everyone .

To-do today: Seek God’s love in prayer. Ask Him to open the eyes of our hearts so he can reveal His perfect plan for us.

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