by Sigmund Freud of 1998 | shared on He Said, She Said |

I’ve been here, all this time
Patiently waiting for you, smiling from a mile
Wishing you would love me,
Like you love me before…

I always wish that you’ll be mine again
Never in my mind to keep you behind
I just hope in time,
You realize how deeply in love I am.
That even the Mariana’s trench can’t be use as a reference.

My love for you will never fall through.
You are the missing piece of my puzzle
The key to the door and,
The stars to my galaxy
Where else could I compare?
Even the universe is not prepared
For my love for you that is unparalleled.

I’m barely holding on to this idea,
This idea of us holding hands, watching the sun set from the horizon,
Affected by the breeze of forever, looking at each other, smiling…
Although tears may fall down my face,
It will never be a hindrance or a fault,
It is the expression of the love I’m willing to give to you, and only you.
Every night I pray,
Lord can I have her back? Please I love her.
His answer has been and always will be:
“You can, but you may not”.
It burns my “already damaged soul”, from hell and back.

Sometimes I wonder,
How does it feel to be loved by you?
I can’t even remember the overwhelming feeling of happiness,
That is contained in my tiny little fragile heart.
But instead, you broke it into tiny little pieces,
Ohh you didn’t, I did.
Because I didn’t love you more than what you deserve,
Should be more than everything, more than myself.

Sorry but I can’t go on
You are too inclined and drastically in love with life now
Your one true happiness,
The joy you always wanted,
The one thing that you always look for,
Even in the darkest of night.

Now that the stoplight turns red,
I need to erase you out of my head.
I know that your heart got shredded,
But please remember that my love for you has never ended.
With my heart still beating, it will always beat for you
You will always be the smile in my face,
The happiness beyond my tears and,
That one star I’m always enthralled of.

Although I’m not doing anything,
Always remember that I will always love you, deep inside of me,
It will always be you.
My only hope is for you to be happy,
Even if it is with someone else’s company.

My memory of you will never fade,
For in my dreams, you will always be the aid
To my vanishing feeling called love.

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