So Scared

by Manilyn Serran Albolero | shared on He Said, She Said |

I was so scared losing the one I love
I was so scared of being unloved and left behind
I was so scared of the possibilities that might happen afterwards
And I was so scared that one day I woke up without you by my side
All the things I was so scared of happened in a blink of an eye
It was so depressing each day living in a world of lie
Me trying to convince myself
it was just a mere dream somewhere in wonderland
Now the reality hits me so hard
Yes you are gone and you left me with the painful unsaid goodbyes
I locked and drown myself with tears and agonies
Insanely dreaming you’ll come back
But then one day I woke up
As the sun rises shadowing in my blinded windows
I stand tall and ready to pick up the pieces of my broken heart
As I embrace the shattered memories of the past
And now I’m ready to gamble
To live and love again
That life is a matter of chance and choices
That life is a learning process we must live for
So Don’t be afraid to fall in love over and over again little fighter.
Because it is the greatest feeling we can ever have.

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