There Could Have Been Us

by Gayy Bacalso Mataverde | shared on He Said, She Said

If things could have just happened differently, there could have been us.

We could have been together now. We could have been happier now. But just as the wind separates the leaves from the tree, the destiny also separates us from being together. The leaves withered, and so did our feelings fade. We got tired of fighting. We got tired of gripping hard; tired of grasping strong. We keep on pushing even if it’s not right.

We keep on trying even if we know it will never work.

I know it’s hurting us now. But if the pain helps us to move on, then just let it be. We’ll just keep on crying, just keep on hurting until we can’t feel anymore, until there are no tears that will fall and until the day that we’re no longer in pain and everything about us will be just a memory.

Everything had ended differently, there’s no more us, there’s no more you and me.

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