To My Almost

by Kahlael Marie Omero | shared on He Said, She Said |

To my almost, I hope you’ll be reading this.

To the guy I almost answered “yes.”

I want you to know that my “no” doesn’t mean I saw you less special. It’s just I’m not matured and responsible enough to handle love stress.

I want you to know that I cried a lot and thought a lot before disappearing I am not angry with you so please don’t be angry with me too. I admit to being so childish because I chose to leave than to explain. I just can’t, you know. I can’t stop myself from loving you so.

I need to distance myself to avoid hurting you more and hurting me more. Because each more day I stayed I find more things to love you for. And as I find more reasons to love you, I find it harder to let go. Maybe right now you’ll tell me it is simple and I’m just complicating things.

But from the start it has never been simple because I know I can’t catch you. And from the very start I told you that I can’t be in a relationship already. I told you my reasons, I warned you never ever to fall in love with me.

But you took the risk, and I warned you again that the stake will be our friendship. But you pursued, you rather lose our friendship for a non-existing chance. But I spared you and warned you again, never entertaining your feelings.
And now you stopped talking to me. That would’ve been for the best.

But I’m sorry for being weak I realized I got so used in your presence. That I can’t stand not to feel your presence for more than a week. So I contacted you. Talked with you again. Letting you fall again.

But I’m really sorry but I cannot take responsibility for my actions. So now, I’ll be the one to leave. Goodbye my almost, goodbye for real.

But nevertheless you’ll stay in my heart and memories, my Mr. Almost.

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