To the man whom I can’t love back

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Let me start with a few I’m sorry’s.

I am sorry for being cold with you these past few weeks. You must be so confused right now, I am truly sorry, but so am I. I am sorry for ignoring your messages and diverts into another topic. I am sorry if I do not answer your questions if I am okay.

I am just scared that if I utter a word, I might start a whole speech. I am sorry for being so confusing. I know this repeating situation is nothing but frustrating, so hear me out just this time. Thank you for the encouraging phrases you said to me.

Thank you for adjusting yourself to keep me comfy as I could be. Thank you for keeping me company. Thank you for always understanding me at times when I could not be understood. Thank you for making me feel loved in any way you could. Thank you for picking me up when everyone else threw me away. Thank you for telling me you love me day by day.

But even though how much I tried to love you, I just can’t. Trust me, I tried, and tried, and tried, and tried, until… I’m tired. I can’t force love. I can’t force love when it couldn’t. I can’t force love when it wouldn’t. I can’t force love when it shouldn’t because when you force love, then love would become pain, and we all know that pain is hard to take away, it could not just be gone within a day. So please, hear me out. I can’t force love.

So to the man whom I can’t love back, thanks for finding me that time when I was lost.

Thanks for being there when I needed you the most.

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