Two Years

by Gil Tana Jr. | shared on He Said, She Said |

It’s been a while since you’ve gone
I don’t know what to do
I feel all alone here in my room
For you to come back home… but you never come…
Never came back… Again.

I kept it all inside the memories of you
Hoping one more time, you’ll be mine
But it was only a dream… that will never come…
NEVER EVER came true… Again

I’d tried the best that I can just to win you back
Begging’ on my knees, anything you wish
I will do
I will give
Just to make you stay but you walked away….
And that’s my darkest day

I can’t breathe
I can’t speak
I wanna jump down at the top of a mountain’s peek
My strength is gone; I feel so weak
I lose my appetite
I can’t sleep at night
Imagining we’re dancing under the bright moonlight
But I realize…..
I’m alone in a cold paradise.

I’ve learned to understand
That the two of us are not belong to each other’s arm
No oh no!
Though it’s not easy to forget
I know I must accept the reality…
YOU and ME?
We’re not meant to be… and we will never be

While all those years
She’s there
Caring about me
Waiting patiently here right next to me
Hoping someday I might see
How she felt for me…
She’s in love with me?

I didn’t see, I didn’t hear
That she’s very near
just two step behind
Why I’ve been so blind?
Many times I didn’t care
That I’m not being fair…
But she bears it all… I’m beginning to fall.

It’s been TWO YEARS that we’ve been apart
Another TWO YEARS to heal my broken heart
And for another TWO YEARS
I will take step for a Brand-new start
And this time
I’ll be more careful
I’ll be be more smart

I prayed and asked for God’ sign
If she’s really, really going to be mine
Now then this is the time to say those sweet lines
Will you?…
I’ll do?…
Love you more than anyone could ever knew
More than words can tell
Please say “YES” for Wedding bells.

And now I understand
That you are the one that I will be holding
Forever in my arms
Yes oh yes!
I forgive and I forget all the past without regret
And face reality
YOU and ME!
We we’re meant to be (Yes we were)
And forever be.

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