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I was once a girl who was always dreaming to be loved by someone whom i really love.

And also a girl who was always being rejected by someone I loved. From that day on, I told myself to stop believing in love, that destiny is just a myth and happily ever after is just an imagination.

But then, you came. Unexpectedly.

A guy who saw something special in me. Being special that I never thought I was. We were both broken. You were cheated by your girlfriend because you’re busy with your new career and had no time for her.

I always cheered you up and been there by your side no matter what. I always texted you even if you’re not replying back as fast as possible because I understood you’re too busy building your new career. I wanted you to feel that you were special to me too. In short, I was the one who put back your pieces together.

After that, you successfully opened your new business.

You gave back the time you haven’t given me before. You let me experience the sweet things I thought I wouldn’t have experienced. You were sweet in public, introduced me to your friends, comforting whenever I was sad and celebrated in my achievements and gave me your time.

I was very happy everytime I was with you — like I was on cloud nine. And I totally fell in love with you.

Months had passed. We were so “in love” with each other. And so I thought.

Until one day we planned to see each other again. We were so excited a week before. I cancelled all my schedules and planned surprises for you.

The day before we met, I received a text from you. “I cannot meet you tomorrow. Let’s stop this.”

My world stopped for a while, wishing that I was wrong on what I just read. But it was all true.

Many thoughts came into my mind. Why all of a sudden? I thought we were so happy with each other. What did I do wrong?

I gave all my time and effort just to see him even though I was busy with work. It also came to the point where I forgot my family and friends just to talk with and be with him. Did he already find someone else? I know that many girls chased him but he assured me that I was the one he loved.

What happened to all our future plans? Like working abroad in Europe, traveling to Japan together, building our house with your favorite tree in front, have 12 children to build a basketball team and the earthquake thingy.

All of those plans, became a bubble that was popped with just one prick. At first, I was in denial on what you told me. I didn’t want to let you go but I had to because I was just holding on to something no longer true — that you loved me too.

From that day on, we barely talked to each other. I always saw signs that let me remember all the memories we had. The restaurants where we used to eat, the movies we watched, the brand of your car and the crazy things we used to do together.

Sometimes I just found myself crying without knowing even when I’m in the bus or jeepney heading to work and especially whenever I was alone.

Until I realized, why do I let you ruin my life when you’re very happy without me in your own life? It wasn’t easy but I told myself that if you could do that, so can I.

I focused on being busy at work, having a great time with friends and bringing back the bond with my family. And slowly, I forgot every piece of you.

And then, I realized, sometimes you just miss the memories and not the person anymore.

I want to thank you for letting me feel special when everyone let me feel nothing; for all the crazy things we shared and the memories you gave me. I will forever cherish those. I don’t regret being with you. At least, you gave me things thought I’ll never have.

Sorry for all the flood texts and chats, for being worried too much, for being jealous when you’re with friends and other girls, for keeping you awake until 5am just to be talk with me because of my GY shift. I appreciate all the effort you gave me.

But then, my love for you wasn’t enough to keep you. You still found another girl and I hope she’ll love you more than I loved you. Today, I will just be happy for you. I want you to be happy even though I’m not the reason you are happy anymore.

Just let me love you, from far away.

I will never bother you again.

Just remember, I still and will always will love you.

Forever and ever.


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