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from “Z” |

Good evening po. I’m just going to ask something. Bakit po ba ang tao, once na years passed na po yung dating relationship, at meron na talaga silang bago ngayon, kapag natrigger po sila ng music, scent o anything na nakakapagpaalala dun sa past n’ya, there’s a part na namimiss po yung tao at there will be an urge na gusto talaga makita’t makausap yung tao na yun?

Our Advice:

Hi Z, maybe that person meant so much to you. The heart has its ways. But the mind tells you what’s logical to do, right?

The question is, tama bang gawin ang sinasabi ng puso mo? O mas nararapat na manahimik?

The answer lies in what will give peace, not for yourself, but to the person who was once an important part of you and especially for the person who’s with you now or The One to come.

In all things, choose the road to peace — where true love is expressed.

– Tito Homer & Tita Jinky

Z’s Reply:

Thank you po Tito Homer & Tita Jinky! 😇===

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