Ecological Wooden Fittings for Nursery

Ecological Wooden Fittings for Nursery
Photo by Pavel Danilyuk from Pexels

HeSaidSheSaidph | Ecological Wooden Fittings for Nursery | Children’s furniture should not only be attractive for the toddler and easy to use & wash, but also completely safe and resistant. Only a natural material such as wood has these properties. And, fortunately, most fashion trends just consider the wooden staff one of the leading trends for 2022.

Some brands produce standard crib+table+chair+wardrobe sets. Some manufacturers like Wood-and-Hearts delight parents with a variety of wooden playing complects for the nursery or helping fittings — for example, Montessori stuff, school sets (chairs+desks+tables). Thus, the variety of wooden furniture will allow parents to find elements for every taste. 

Wooden Stuff Benefits

  1. Safety: wooden furniture for children usually has rounded corners and an ergonomic shape, and is also very stable. This will eliminate the kid’s trauma during the use of stuff.
  2. Affordable price: as a rule, wooden fittings are created in sets with all the necessary elements, so you can easily find a combination of all the right pieces at a better price than buying everything separately.
  3. Usability: despite the fact that wood is a natural material, it’s able to withstand many children, unlike plastic, which becomes unusable after 4-5 years of use.
  4. Variety: due to the popularity of wooden furniture, manufacturers began to produce many different fittings with various designs and colors.

What Furniture Pieces Can Be Made from Wood?

At the moment, parents can find almost any wooden piece of furniture to create the perfect room for their toddler:

  • stable and low bed;
  • comfortable table for drawing, playing, and classes;
  • a “growing” chair that can change its height depending on the child’s height; 
  • wardrobe;
  • chest of drawers for linen;
  • bedside tables. 

Playing area sets (Montessori arches, ramps, triangles) have also become in demand, as well as kitchen tower stools, balance boards. Some of this stuff doesn’t have to be placed in the nursery, they will fit perfectly into the interior of the living room or kitchen.

Will This Trend be Popular in the Future?

Nowadays, technological progress is advancing by leaps and bounds, there are many new types of modern materials, new types of plastic, which turns any object into a futuristic exhibit. But still, most parents prefer natural materials for their children’s rooms — wood is completely safe, durable, and convenient. So, the trend for such fittings for children will probably remain for the next years. 

Buying a wooden stuff is quite practical as it stays in excellent condition for many years. It will be suitable for other children if the family decides to have another baby or give the fittings set to friends or relatives.

Photo by Pavel Danilyuk from Pexels

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