Great Travel and Retirement Destinations for the Elderly

Retirement Destinations for the Elderly

Baby boomers are slowly trying to find an ideal place where they would like to travel to or perhaps even live. And in the sea of possibilities, there certainly are those places that not only offer a comfortable life for all the elderly, but also great fun and activities that they would like to immerse into. So, where to go? Why there? To answer these, take a look at our top choices for the best travel and retirement destinations:


Is there anything better for retirees than tropical climate and a place where the sun rises high? The warm climate of Hawaii makes this place perfect for all the people who are older than 60, because, let’s face it – it’s always easier to live in hotter places. Not only are the islands of Hawaii mesmerizingly beautiful, but it’s also quite healthy living here as you will get the chance to be outside in the fresh air on most days of the year. It’s also a great destination for all the English-speaking tourists, so it embraces beautiful nature, tropical weather and the English language all in one. Hawaii is a very elder-friendly country as you will see plenty of them sightseeing in Honolulu.


Visiting the Land Down Under should definitely be on everyone’s bucket list. If you’re not from Australia, you have to go there at least once in your lifetime and enjoy all the amazing experiences this country has to offer, such as eating at one of Sydney’s famous waterfront restaurants or driving along the Great Ocean Road. This country is also a great place where you could retire if you have the option to. If you’re a local, though, you’re even more in luck as it will be easier for you to opt for one of the best retirement house plans that will make your life much more comfortable. This way, you will always have the option of going to mini excursions all around this country, and suffice it to say that no matter which corner of Australia you choose, you will have an amazing time.


If you’re thinking of visiting a European country later in life, then you should make Portugal your priority. First of all, it’s a country that’s extremely rich in history and culture, so no matter where you go – Porto, Lisbon, or any other town – you will have plenty of historical landmarks to see. In addition, it’s very elder-friendly as the young people there are not that wild as in some other European countries. What’s also good is that Portugal is not a very costly country, and it has an ideal climate, too.


Finally, it’s important to choose a retirement destination and still think about your kids and grandchildren. If you want to retire in the USA, then you should definitely do that in Orlando. Not only is this city a great option as it indeed has everything that you might need later in life, but it’s also very close to the Disney world, which could be a great asset if you want to see your grandkids more often. Apart from that, you might indulge into some activities that you will find very interesting, such as eating a bratwurst, drinking sake, shopping for Moroccan textiles or watching Chinese acrobats. This city fuses many cultures, and it’s absolutely wonderful to live here when you retire.

Finding the perfect destination to travel to or retire once you’re older might be a tricky task, but we hope to have narrowed down your search. Each of these locations has its unique advantages, so it’s only up to you and your preferences to choose the right town or city.

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