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Tita Jinky,Tito homer,

I have this question po. If you really love someone, you dont let them go right?

But what if everyone is telling you that you’re not meant to be?

Suddenly, I was so attached to him. Tulay lang naman ako ng pag iibigan nila ni Den, pero unti-unti, nahuhulog na ako, at ngayon, nahulog na talaga ako.

I was scared na baka pag nalaman niya, iiwan niya ako, he might be cold, sayang naman ang friendship namin. And I dont want that.

I started ignoring him for weeks, but he keeps chatting, sometimes I wait for 30 minutes or 10 minutes before replying.

Yes, I always send ‘slr’ on purpose. I’m trying to let go because bestfriend ko si Den, pero mahal ko naman si Lar. Paano na po?

Our Advise:

Hi Kelsey, thanks for trusting your message with us. First, it’s not entirely true na kapag mahal mo ang isang tao, don’t let them go. In fact, there are many reasons why you also need to let go especially because mahal mo siya. The fact that you’re best friends, you should have all the reasons to be open with each others’ feelings. Of course, there’s always a risk of awkwardness and misreadings. But really, it’s you who may be on the “misreading” part. Meaning, you may have fallen out of things he could have said or done. Slowly, nahulog ka. It’s not your fault.

The question now is what to do, right? Do you have to tell him what you feel? Does it it even matter if you wanna tell him?

First, he’s seeing someone else or may GF na siya, so the obvious is that you keep your distance. That’s the best thing to do. Masakit, oo. Pero yun ang tama.

Second, if he had the same feelings (love more than friendship) for you, siya na mismo ang magsasabi nito sa yo. Dahil hindi naman nangyari, then alam mong hanggang friends lang kayo.

So, paano na? Kung nahuhulog ka na at di mo kakayaning lalu pang mahulog, lumayo ka pa nang husto. Why? Kung mahal mo siya, ipagkakait mo ang sarili mong pagmamahal para sa kasiyahan niya. Ipagpaubaya mo yun. Instead, turn that love into the best love that only the likes of Jesus can give — sacrificial love. Give that love away. I-offer mo yun kay Lord para sa mga bagay na mahalaga sa yo, like your family.

Ituon mo ang atensyon mo sa mga bagay na may magandang patutunguhan like your career. Aminin mo na this “love” that you feel for him is not the right one.

Hope is ok. But it should be the right hope. Start with a prayer for God to reveal His true plans for you. That is the best thing to do right at this moment. Maaring di mo agad maintindihan ang sagot Niya, pero sa totoo lang, sure na maganda ang patutunguhan non.

Trust God with His plans. It is always perfect.

God’s love is the only one that has been offered to you, even before you were born. He’s faithful even where you’re not.

Wait. Be patient. Trust, believe and surrender everything to God. You will be free of all the pains and struggles.

We’ll pray for you.

God bless,
Tito Homer & Tita Jinky

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