To The One Who Will Pursue Me

To the one who will pursue me
To the one who will pursue me

by Princess Manalo | shared on He Said, She Said |

An open letter to the One who will pursue me,

I know you are out there somewhere, but I will not seek because you will find me at the right time. I am excited to meet you, to know you deeply and be your bestfriend and partner. We will have adventures and travel places we haven’t been to, because I prefer memories over gifts and material things. We’ll have date nights and weekends, and I will never get tired of staying with you doing nothing at all.

You may feel awkward sometimes but please know that you can tell me anything and everything under the sun. I know you need privacy but please trust me and do not keep secrets as I will lay down all my cards before you. I value honesty, respect and loyalty because I will give you the same and treat you equally. Most of all, I will love you as you love me or probably greater.

Sometimes my insecurities get the best of me, for I know I have flaws. I would need you to tell me I look beautiful with unruly hair and though I haven’t taken a shower. You may admire others from afar, but I will be assured that you only have eyes for me. My past experiences have taught me to guard my heart, but I will try to slowly break down the walls, for you will secure my heart as if it’s your own.

I would love to meet your friends, be one of the guys and cook for them during reunions. I will also introduce you to my friends and let you in the circle. But before anything else, I want you to meet my family first for they will accept and love you as I do. If you are serious about me, I know you will ask them first before you make a move.

While we’ll have our own world, I want you to be free and have a life of your own but please know your limits. I will try to understand you and work out every misunderstanding instead of arguing without a solution. In return, I hope you will have the patience to listen when I whine, or when I turn into a monster during my period or I have usual mood swings. You will be my strength as you are also my weakness. If we have a problem, reassure me that we’ll get through it together and remind me that our love is greater than any obstacle.

To the One who deserves me, I know in my heart that I also deserve you and I will never stop praying for you. I usually don’t believe in signs, because God will bring you to me. May faith bind us and let no one between us except Him. Right now, I am healing from the past and I hope you will wait for me. I cannot wait to completely recover and fill my heart with only memories and thoughts of you. I look forward to meeting you soon, and to plan our future together.

Yours forever,
Princess Manalo

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