5 Best Ways to Find Your Workout Motivation

Workout Motivation

He Said She Said PHAre you one of the classic gym quitters or you’re feeling that maybe you’re simply too lazy to even start working out? Life’s been busy lately and days seem shorter and gym memberships are expensive. It’s all too easy to find excuses not to hit the gym for an early sweat sesh, and stay within the confines of your cosy bed instead. However, with the summertime just around the corner, you’ll soon start begrudging yourself for all the days you slept in or evenings spent in front of the TV with the large bag of chips. But if this isn’t motivating enough for you, below we compiled a list of the best motivational tricks for starting or maintaining a fitness lifestyle.

Track your workouts in your planner

A workout log does not only serve as an effective tool for redefining responsibility, discipline and commitment, but also one’s motivation. Once you do some research on your body type, ideal weight and measurement, write down your short and long-term goals and deadlines. Discussing your fitness routine with your personal trainer or a gym instructor will help you be as detailed as possible regarding your weekly plan and measuring results. Tracking your workouts in your planner won’t allow you to drift away from your routine and goals, and will serve as a concrete form of reminder as well as a memoir of your fitness accomplishment. 

Buy gym gear

Investing money in gym gear will definitely get you moving. With commercial gym fitouts or a set of weights, through practical, comfortable, yet aesthetically pleasing workout outfits, to headphones for a complete fitness experience – you’ll be more than ready to get to the business and get those muscles working.  

Get a gym buddy

Company and competition are the best motivational agents for any sort of activity. Having a gym buddy, popularly known as “swolemate”, is the best way to unleash your inner competitive beast, as well as to make a commitment to your fitness routine and stick to it. The hardest part for gym quitters is actually getting to the gym, but if you make a plan with a friend, it will be a lot harder to pass. Moreover, the jokes, high fives and words of encouragements will definitely boost your confidence and help on your way to building your best self.

Earn a “cheat day”

Gym enthusiasts sometimes tend to take it too far, so it’s important to give yourself a break from time to time in the form of a so-called “cheat day”. Whether it’s lazy Netflix binge-watching, or treating yourself to some fatty junk food – whatever your cup of tea is, make sure to drink it up once in a while. This will serve both as a reward for the hard work and motivation to keep up with the routine and enjoy occasional cheat days guilt-free.

Give yourself micro-challenges

Besides the overall goal and fitness challenge you strive to complete, giving yourself micro-challenges along the way is a great motivational trick. The five-minute rule has proven to be the most effective among fitness quitters. When you’re not feeling it, tell yourself you’ll give it a five-minute try and, if the unwillingness and lack of energy don’t go away, you’ll drop it for the day. This can also apply to “just one more song” during the running session.

If you are a part-time exerciser who would love to sweat more often, or a beginner who struggles with finding the inspiration and motivation to make fitness a part of their lifestyle, take note of the tips above and find out which motivation techniques work best for you.

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