How to Set Up Eco-Friendly Storage

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    A modern home needs to be organized so that it’s sustainable and adds as little as possible to the carbon footprint of its occupants. When this is done, the matter of storage is usually overlooked but storage space is important for keeping the home comfortable.

    It’s therefore important to think about your storage in terms of what materials they use and how much energy they require. Both of these considerations are essential for making the storage space sustainable and eco-friendly.

    Less waste

    The first step towards setting up eco-friendly storage space isn’t about the space but about what you’ll place in it. The goal should be to store only what’s necessary to be stored. Doing otherwise would require you to spend more on energy and lighting needed to maintain.

    Try to be rigorous in terms of what you’re throwing away and what you’re keeping and for how long. It’s also useful to have a scheduled reorganization of the storage space so that you can throw stuff out when you no longer need it.

    Stacking up

    Most storage facilities don’t use the space they have in an eco-friendly and organized way. For the most part, this could be fixed by stacking up and using as much vertical space as possible. Eco-friendly storage solutions should be planned to go upwards and organized in the order you plan to use them.

    The key to organizing the storage in this fashion is to use pallets that will keep the items safe and secure as well as having an organizational system put in place. In this as well, you should make sure that the pallets are only made from natural and reusable materials.

    Bulk purchases

    How you purchase the items you plan to keep is also important in terms of how you’ll store it. There are a few considerations to have in mind when making the purchase. You’ll need to take into account how much you add to your carbon footprint when you purchase something and when you transport it to your home.

    It’s also important to have in mind its price and how long the goods could be stored. Having all of these in mind, you’ll do better if you decide to purchase and restock your storage by purchasing the goods you plan to store in bulk.


    Finally, lighting is an essential feature of storage space and you’ll need to make sure that your storage is lit in a way that makes it both safe and easy to use. This is done by lighting it in layers starting with ambient lights and ending with tasks lights that will be set up based on how you use the storage.

    At the same time, it’s important that these lights are chosen with saving as much electricity as you can in mind. It’s best to install LED lights that provide the same level of illumination and use much less energy to do so. These lights are a bit more expensive but they pay for themselves.

    Eco-friendly homes usually overlook the impact their storage spaces have on the environment. Storage, as much as any other space, needs to be made so that it preserves the environment and is self-sustainable. This is done by making sure that you use the space responsibly and purchase the items for it with the same level of care.

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