5 Cool Things We learned from the Movie “Little Italy”

Tito Homer & Tita Jinky enjoyingthe movie premiere

Homer Nievera, HeSaidSheSaidPH.com | As Sweetie and I watched a few tagalog movies lately, we squeezed some time to catch “Little Italy.” This rom-com with a wacky cast including Emma Roberts (of Nancy Drew fame) and Hayden Chirstensen (Anakin of Stars Wars) has a lot to offer — besides pizza, of course!

1) Family and Friendships are More Important than Material Things – We might have earned this from traditional Italian migrants from the movie, but Filipinos value this as well. We should not let this value go away, but instead, protect it no matter what.

2) The Best Foundation of a Relationship is Friendship – The two main characters in the

Little Italy poster
Little Italy poster

movie, Nikki (Emma) and Leo (Hayden) were friends since they were kids. This fact plays a great deal throughout the movie and points out the advantages of knowing someone long enough to carry the friendship into a loving relationship.

3) You’re Never Too Old (or Too Young!) to Fall in Love – Nikki and Leo’s grandparents (widow/widower) have been “secretly meeting each other as lovers. So cheesy, but realistic. Clearly shows that age doesn’t matter if two people are truly in love.

4) If You Love Someone Dearly, Put a Ring on It – And when Leo’s grandpa is challenged by Nonna (Nikki’s grandma) to “put a ring on it,”he gladly obliges. Proof of his love for her. In today’s society, this should be beyond FB and IG photos. They did it in front of the altar in church (in front of the Virgin Mary — they are Catholics in the movie)

5) If You Truly Love Someone, Be Willing to Sacrifice — Even Your Own Interests – That’s exactly what both characters did. No spoilers here. Just watch till the end of the movie.

Many thanks to BOB and Go Asia Entertainment for inviting us and our crew at He Said She Said Philippines to last week’s advance screening. Definitely 5 stars!

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