Closure: Can you have it without asking your ex?

Sometimes, not having closure is THE closure.
Sometimes, not having closure is THE closure.

From message sender “Athena” |

I just want to know what can I do to have closure without talking or asking closure from someone?

He Said: Hi Athena, thanks for your message. There are really different types of situations that needs closure. They may be lost loves, those that didn’t conclude well, or even friendships that have ended. In these cases, closure is done by both parties, as much as possible. But one initiates the asking of the said closure. There are cases where it is almost impossible to contact the person to ask for closure. One situation may be death of the other person, or you simply can’t locate him/her. In this situation, closure is one-sided. You will simply need to move on and accept that there are things you will never be able to find out. Such is life’s mystery.

Thus, I suggest you first pray for inner healing. That God will bring you peace and that He will do the same to the other person. If you can still communicate with the other person, just to give you more peace, that would be better. Sometimes, all you need to know if the other person has already moved on as well. That, I’m sure, will bring you peace.

She Said: Hi. If you really want closure, you have to tell the person concerned. It should come from both parties. You can’t have it if it is one sided. Just make sure if you put an end in a relationship, it is what you really want. It’s hard to take back a decision once it is made. Pray for it. Ask for wisdom and guidance. The Lord will always lead you to that direction. God bless ☺.

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