LDR: Coping with feelings of longing and fear of unfaithfulness

Long Distance Relationships

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LDR. The mix of love, uncertainty and excitement in a Long Distance Relationship is what challenges two people in this situation. It is also what keeps them together. How do you cope with feelings of longing and even fear of unfaithfulness?

He Said: Helen Keller, the blind American author, said: “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.” She is spot on especially when applied to LDRs. Remember, in an LDR, the key is honesty towards each other. Make sure both of you are honest with your feelings, intentions and plans. But what really counts is that both of you are close to God. It’s when couples are separated by time and space, God bridges the gap. It’s also He who keeps you together. You will not worry of unfaithfulness knowing that God protects your relationship and that you continually pray for each other.

She Said: Long distance relationship is probably one of the hardest. How can you make it works depends on both parties involved. It takes a lot of courage not to fall into temptation. I’ve personally witnessed two LDR’s worked and they’re both very happy. I think TRUST is the most important ingredient. And it takes a lot of prayers to achieve it. Nothing is impossible with God. Let me share this prayer for couples/spouses:

Prayer for your Spouse

Lord, bless this dear person whom you have chosen to be my spouse. May his/her life be long and blessed. May I also become a great blessing to him/her, a sharer in all his/her sufferings and sorrows.

Make me lovable forever in his/her eyes and forever dear to him/her. Keep me from all unreasonableness of passion and humour. Make me humble and giving, strong, dedicated, appreciative, prudent, and understanding. May we ever take delight in each other, according to your Blessed Word, both sharing in your divine love. Amen.

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To do today: Let God be the bridge that separates you by distance of time and space.

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