Essential Fashion Tips for Every Business Professional

Essential Fashion Tips for Every Business Professional
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels | Essential Fashion Tips for Every Business Professional | Today, men have the privilege to be much more relaxed in the office than before. While this is good for stress levels, being casual at work has its issues, one of them being that we can see many instances of faux pas. There are more and more men who don’t know how to dress for business situations which leaves a bad impression of them and their business.

Luckily, you can always rely on the internet to help you look and feel better at the office. More importantly, you will learn how to impress your clients and bosses, dress like a boss when aiming for that promotion and bring your career to a whole new floor.

Dress to command respect

If you’re a young professional, that’s very impressive. However, no matter how much knowledge you have or how many things you’ve achieved, people tend to underestimate young talent. So if you want to be taken seriously, you must leave shorts and hoodies for the streets. Instead, find ways to age your look with slacks, button-ups, turtlenecks and sportcoats and you will get more respect than you have now. Ultra-casual things are comfy for other activities, but they have a youthful vibe employers don’t like.

Suit up

Every man, especially if he’s pursuing a career in business, needs to have a good suit in his closet. It doesn’t matter what industry you are in or what your position is, a decent suit is a must-have. And don’t cheap out—you can show up at a business event in a cheap thrift shop suit. If you’re not a regular at business events, you can get away with one classic single-breasted suit in classic colors like charcoal or navy. But if you have to attend various events regularly, make sure to provide your closet with a variety of models. And make sure to get them tailored, of course!

Accessorize with a watch

Especially if you’re wearing a suit, a watch can elevate your outfit from meh to wow. A good watch is a piece of art and you should invest in something you personally like, but you also need to be practical. Sporty models with a functional and rugged aesthetic go well with every outfit and all accessories. Pair your watch with your wallet for an extra touch of style. If you have a sporty chunky watch, it will go perfectly with a high-tech carbon fiber wallet that holds your credit cards, business cards and cash. Whenever you reach for your business card or pay for coffee, your watch+wallet combo will leave a good impression.

Don’t be scared of color

No matter the occasion, you’re free to add some color to your look. Men are usually extra reserved when it comes to color and terrified of anything outside their navy blue, grey and black comfort zone. However, there are colors that are professional, elegant, “manly” and timeless. A dark green suit can look super smart and confident, but you can also add touches of pink, mustard and bright blue through your tie to attract all the right attention year-round. However, just to play it safe, less is more with colors and you need just a splash of it in one look.

Don’t buy cheap glasses

Many professionals wear glasses and hate them? Why? Well, it’s mainly due to poor frame choice and bad fit. When buying eyewear, you need to consider your face shape, your eyebrow shape (straight frames with straight eyebrows, curved with curved), your hairstyle and your preference. And don’t be scared to splurge because this is an item that will define your face for the next few years.

Your shoes matter

Your shoes need to be fitting and appropriate for the outfit and occasion. If you’re just preparing to buy your first good pair of shoes, take it easy, because a quality pair can set you back a lot of money. However, when buying high-quality shoes, they will need little maintenance and look better and better with age. With some light whipping and shining, they will stay sharp for years. A pair of Oxfords will certainly look amazing with your tailored suit.

While you don’t need to suit up every time you go to work, knowing how to do it can not only make you feel confident in business meetings, events and promotions but also advance your career and give you the respect that you need. 

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

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