Accessorize and Make a Statement: How to Stand Out with Accessories

Accessorize and Make a Statement: How to Stand Out with Accessories

Accessorize and Make a Statement: How to Stand Out with Accessories | In today’s fashion world, statement pieces are all the rage since they allow us to express our uniqueness and charm. Plus, all you need is one bold piece and your outfit will become so much stronger. Most people reach for clothing pieces like a leather jacket, vintage shirt or bold pants to make a statement, but that’s not the only way to stand out in a fashion sense. Accessories are just as unique and bold as any other wardrobe piece. So if you want to rely on these smaller pieces to lift up your outfits, here is how you can wear different accessories to make a statement and show off your personality.

Layer jewelry

Jewelry is a must when detailing an outfit, but you don’t have to stop at one piece. To add extra interest and dimension to your look, consider layering your jewelry. Many people think that less is more with accessories, but that doesn’t apply when we’re talking about delicate necklaces, bracelets and rings. Play with texture and placement so that every individual piece gets attention. If you want to go a step further, pair a few thick chains and charms. All in all, jewelry might be small but it packs a strong punch.

Add interest to your hair

If you want an accessory that allows creativity and versatility, go grab a scarf headband right now. You can rock it with many hairstyles—half up half down, low messy buns, high ponytails or a traditional pushed back style. No matter if you’re having a bad hair day or running late, a scarf headband is a great way to elevate your outfit and look unique and bold. When shopping, look for a blend of colors and prints so you can experiment and mix and match your accessory in all ways possible.

Give love to your feet

Shoes can make or break your outfit, so they can definitely be a statement piece. If you want to create a unique style, find one-of-a-kind shoe that will show off your creativity and please the eye of every onlooker. One thing that always attracts attention is fluffy slippers. For top-notch quality, check out stylish sheepskin slippers NZ and find a pair that goes well with your outfits and makes you feel confident yet comfortable. If you have these cute slippers, some square mule sandals, bold sneakers, designer boots and some flashy pumps, you have attractive shoes for all occasions.

Consider a bold belt

Every outfit looks more attractive and polished when you add a statement belt to it—it can be a game-changer. A good belt will break up the flow of your outfit and draw attention to every single piece you’re wearing. If you want to look coordinated, match your belt with your other accessories, e.g. a black leather belt with gold details looks great with a black purse and black shoes. If you’re looking to stay relevant and on-trend this year, consider grabbing an animal print belt, a clear strap or something with a large buckle.

Invest in bold eyewear

Another classic accessory that can make a great statement is sunglasses. If you want your look to scream high fashion, opt for a retro-chic cat eye frame or a modern geometric frame. Managing to coordinate your sunglasses with some statement shoes, the viewer’s eye will go up and down your entire outfit.

Don’t forget a handbag

Every woman needs a good handbag. This accessory is not only super practical but also used to make a statement. There are small clutches with interesting designs and large handbags in eye-catching colors, either way, choosing something nontraditional will be a great style choice. Even a funky backpack or baggy totes can punch a statement for the books.

Accessorize your accessories

Accessorizing your accessories? Yes, you heard it right. Add a keychain to your handbag or belt, clip an extra pendant to your necklace or grab your favorite bracelet and wrap a scarf around it. This allows you to further customize your look without taking too much of your time or costing too much money.

You don’t need to be a fashion wizard to add something special to your outfit. With these bold accessories, you will always look unique and attract the right kind of attention without too much effort or research.

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