Friendzone Ba?


Good morning po Tito Homer and Tita Jinky! I follow your page dahil po sa mga good message and quotes na pinopost niyo and gusto ko po sana humingi ng advice.

May gusto akong girl since first year college kame and recently nag confess ako nitong graduation namin but i get rejected. And that day i start praying for her and ask God siya na po ba talaga? And mas naging close kami sa isa’t isa and ang nakakatuwa dun binibigyan kami ng vision ni Lord sa dream kase parehas naming na papanaginipan ang isa’t isa and dumating sa point na tinanong ko ulit siya pero sabi niya may chance naman kaso umamin yung crush niya na churchmate niya. And ngayon hindi na siya madalas makipag interact saken madalas seen and inboxzone pero pag may problema sa ‘kin siya lumalapit. Ang hirap lang po kasi ng ganun kaya po humihingi po ako ng advice sa inyo Tito and Tita i always pray naman po para sa min.

I want to publish this convo sana kase alam kong maraming makakarelate sa situation ko pero Tito and Tita.

Yun lang po thank you po and God bless!

– Taki


He Said: Thanks Taki, for trusting us with your message. From the point of view of a guy, siyempre, sasabihin ko sa ‘yong ipaglaban mo dahil tila may laban ka naman.  But besides that, since you prayed for her and somehow, you were given a sign (even though I’m not entirely sure of that sign, ok?). That’s the positive side. Now, on the “reality”side, she has a crush on someone else and this guy has revealed his “crush” feeling as well. If you feel that you’re moving towards the “friendzone,” you have to decide if you’ll level up and keep up the “fight.”How? Keep on praying. God’s plans are far better than ours, so it truly helps to ask God for more clarity on your situation. Because in the end, only you will be given all the signs that you need to point to your final decision. Should you decide to pursue her, be patient. But keep reminding her of your feelings. Level-up with more humor and thoughtfulness. Write her your feelings the old-fashioned way. Be creative. Send hand-written notes. Keep visible in a way reminding her that you haven’t given up. Wag lang masyadong pushy, ok? Yung swabe lang. Big bonus points if you go to church together. You’ll please both God and her. Now, if inspite of everything, God’s plan is towards friendship, then accept it wholeheartedly. God has His ways, and they are always perfect. Trust, believe and surrender. God bless, Tito Homer

She Said: Hi Taki. If that girl is asking for advice or help whenever she has problems, maybe she sees you as a good friend. What you’re doing is right. Praying and asking God for help. But if God didn’t give you the answer that you want, it means He is still preparing the best for you. It might not be the right time yet. But keep in mind that friendship is the best foundation of love. God bless! 😊 – Tita Jinky


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