Healthy and Fun Ways to Enjoy Nature

Enjoy Nature Retreat House to Save Couples

While there is no doubt that you can have lots of fun indoors, it’s still a much better idea to leave your house for a few hours or even days and enjoy nature. Not only is it better for your health, but it also means that you will completely change the environment, which is always a great tip for relaxation.

Most people associate outdoor fun with sunny weather, but that doesn’t have to be the case. There are many activities you could do even in rainy or snowy days, which are way more fun than spending time inside your home. Let’s take a look at some of the ideas that are not only healthy for you but also good for the nature.

Collecting leaves

If you’re lucky to be living near a forest or a park with many deciduous trees, you could always take your family out for a walk. While enjoying the cool autumn breeze, you can collect various leaves that have fallen. You don’t even have to know what trees they come from to appreciate their beauty and uniqueness. You can collect them into a field guide or scrapbook or even make a placemat by inserting a leaf between two sheets of contact paper.

Late-night fun

If you and your family enjoy the stars, make sure you find out when the next meteor shower is expected and find a place from which you can observe it. On other nights, you can just use one of many apps that can help you identify constellations. A bit of background reading might help your kids or even yourself broaden your horizons when it comes to how the constellations got their names.

Camping trips

One of the most popular outdoor activities is definitely camping. Though not for everyone, it allows you to get or keep in touch with the nature in the most direct way. Forget about all the benefits of modern technology and improvise. Your adventurous spirit will be rewarded with a unique experience.


If you like to do something physically challenging, mountain-biking is definitely an idea you should consider. If there are some nice routes near your home that are not too difficult for you and other people you’d like to go with, get your bike out and hit the road! The experience can even be improved by adding some gadgets, such as a great GoPro Hero action camera from Strathfield car radios. You can record your rides and relive the experience at any time.

Planting trees

This is something that will get you enough exercise, but more importantly, you’ll be doing our planet a great favour. The world we live in is in desperate need of trees and you can do your part to help.


This is a relatively simple activity that can include everyone in the family. Divide your garden into sections and let everyone plant what they like, under the condition that they also look after their plants or vegetables. Not only will you have fresh vegetables and beautiful flowers in your backyard, but it will be a great opportunity for everyone to take on responsibility.

Rainwater harvesting system

One of the eco-friendly things you can do is to set up a rainwater harvesting system. That should help you reduce your water bill and the potential of having your backyard flooded after heavy rains.

Cooking outside

Prepare your lunch or dinner, but use a solar oven instead of your gas BBQ. The warmth of the sun is converted into energy for cooking. It’s also ideal for your camping trips or days spent by a lake or river.

Spending time outdoors is beneficial in so many ways. If you manage to combine some activities that benefit both you and the nature, you’ll realize that what you do does affect the world around you. So, start planning your outdoor activities now and don’t be deterred by the weather. Prepare well and enjoy yourself, alone or with others, while behaving in an eco-friendly way.

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