Get Organized For Family Vacations

Family Vacations

Vacation means rest and relaxation, but to get that you have to be organized, especially if you are traveling with kids. How to prepare and bring all that you need without getting a headache from all that stress? It’s a hard task, but if you organize it carefully you will get to the good part of your vacation sooner than you think.

Check the documents

If you are traveling abroad, check whether yours and your kids’ passports are valid, and if you see that they’ve expired, go and have them renewed. Once you check that, you can book a hotel. Don’t forget to get travel health insurance because you never know what kind of injuries or sickness can occur during your vacation. If you are traveling by plane, put the tickets together with the passports so you can easily find them when you need to head to the airport. If you are going by car, put all the passports and other travel documents in one folder or envelope and keep it close to you.


Traveling across big countries like Australia is always a challenge, and you can easily get lost if you take the wrong turn and end up in a dead-end area with only kangaroos to keep you company. You and your partner will get upset and your kids will be restless and anxious. To avoid such situations, it’s crucial to have a good GPS system. Not only will it help you to reach your destination faster and find your hotel easier but it will also warn you if you cross the speed limit.

Check the tech

One of the most important rules for organizing stress-free traveling is to check your vehicle before you hit the road. Don’t risk having your car stop somewhere in an Australian bush because your engine died! Schedule the servicing of your vehicle with a professional mechanic in Perth and fix all tiny and huge problems before you have to travel.


Packing for a trip with kids can take hours or days and be stressful as hell, but it’s a lot easier if you stay organized. First, you have to make a packing list for every family member. When you put something in the suitcase, cross that item off the list. That way you won’t need to re-open the suitcase five minutes before you leave the house to check whether you put that shirt or dress in it. After packing the suitcases, focus on the bags for the road. If your drive will take a lot of time, make sure to bring spare clothes, essential toiletries, enough food, drinks and some games or papers and crayons to keep the kids occupied.

Expect the unexpected

When you are traveling with kids, you have to be prepared for any kind of emergency situation. Besides the obligatory first aid kit in the car, pack some spare bandages, adhesive plasters and medicines. Even if it’s warm outside kids can be cold in the car. To avoid having them catch a cold on vacation, bring blankets and warm clothes for every child.

Stop and rest

Long drives are exhausting for both the driver and the passengers and that’s why you have to make pauses very often, and not just for toilet breaks. Stop to have a much needed cup of coffee while you are fueling the tank. Buy the kids some sweets and don’t forget to grab something sugary for you and your partner, too. And, the most important thing – if you are sleepy and tired, stop and take a nap. Better be safe than sorry, right?

Make memories

Nowadays, people snap a bunch of photos every day with their smartphones. Vacation is a perfect time for you to change it into something more special. Tell your kids that you will make a scrapbook of your vacation and that you want them to participate in that by taking photos of the things they liked. Give them some old smartphones and they will surprise you pleasantly with their shots of nature, people and ice cream on their fingers!

All set? Now you are ready to roll! Use every moment of your vacation to rest and relax, soak up the warm sun, play with your kids on the sandy, beautiful beaches of Australia and let go of negative thoughts. 

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