The One That Got Away?

the one that got away

Hello Tito Homer and Tita Jinky! Someone waited for me for two years. But he got tired just recently. For the reason that I can’t give him any assurance at all. I’m into academics and commitments and relationships are still not one of my priorities. But unexpectedly, I got hurt. Actually, I’m hurting. I feel sad. And disappointed. Maybe because I thought someone would be really willing to wait for me until I am ready. Also, I have seen how he exerted efforts to prove himself for the past two years. Care to give me some pieces of advice po? I really admire how you manage your page and I’m an avid fan of your posts.

– Venus


HE SAID: Hi Pryme! Good job! You are doing what’s right. You’re too young to fall seriously in love and have a serious relationship. But plain and simple, it’s not the right time. Kung di siya nakapag-antay, so be it. There are billions of men in the world, you know. 🙂 And being a girl who’s focused, then you’re a good catch, so to speak. So why be sad? Continue to pray for God to unfold His plans for you. That’s the best thing to do today. Focus on your priorities, rather than relationships. Maghintay, at darating din. Prepare yourself to be The One. Let true love find you. – Tito Homer

SHE SAID: Hello Venus. Making your studies a priority is excellent. Feeling sad is normal, because it burst your bubble of an ideal man. Kala mo siya na? You shouldn’t feel bad about it, because it’s not you who gave up. Remember when you get married, it’s a lifetime commitment. Alam bells are ringing for giving up so easily. You deserve someone better. Someone who will pursue you no matter how long the wait is. Pray for guidance and discernment. Not everyone who pursues you have clear intentions. Some might see you as a challenge. Prayer will be your best ally. Stay focused and let God do the rest. God bless 😊.

I’m happy to finally know that there are still young people who prioritizes studies and career. Keep it up and inspire others 😊
– Tita Jinky


Thank you very much po!

There are times that I question myself if I did the right thing, knowing that somehow I already grew feelings for him. But I needed to let go because I know I am not ready yet, I don’t want to dive into a relationship solely because of my emotions because I know love is a choice, a deliberate one. I still have my goals for myself and my family to fulfill before I can say I am fully ready. And right now, I am enduring whatever this pain is but I am looking forward to better days ahead. Again, thank you very much po. God bless! ❤️

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