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Hi Guys,

I can’t seem go on with my life since our break-up.

Hindi pa rin ako nakakamove-on sa ex ko. Sadly, may girlfriend na siya ngayon. And I’m still chasing him until now kahit alam kong may girlfriend na siya at ilang beses niya ng sinabing wala na talagang kami.

Deep in my heart gusto ko ng magmove-on pero hindi ko alam saan mag uumpisa. Please give me some advice.



She Said: Hi Calli. Moving on is a decision only you can make. Dapat umpisahan mo. Pray for God’s help. The reason you’re suffering kasi pinili mo yan. You can choose to be happy. Give yourself some dignity and stop chasing him. Get up, move forward and be happy again. God bless.

Reply from “Calli” to Tita Jinky:

I’ll keep that in mind. Thank you very much. Little by little, babangon ako from this. Hirap man ako ngayon but time will come tatawanan ko nalang ang araw na ito. To be honest, I’m still into that kung kami, kami talaga. Umaasa pa rin ako pero kailangan kong tulungan ang sarili ko na makaalis sa sitwasyon to. And I know God will surely help me. Thank you again.

He Said: Hi Calli, since Tita Jinky gave you a piece of advice from a girl’s point of view, I’ll give you a bit of advice from a guy’s, ok? Firstly, most guys don’t take girls seriously if they’re the “pahabol-type.” We love the challenge kasi. Call it what you like, but really, it’s in our genes. We’re hunters, remember? Secondly, if indeed your ex says that “wala na talagang kayo,” then most likely, that’s final. What to do? Tama si Tita Jinky. Let go ka na. Some people may tell you that there’s always hope to cling on to. But you won’t be able to stand up if you keep clinging on to something you’re the only one left fighting for it. Let God come into your life and let Him heal you. You can do it. Baby steps lang.

Reply from “Calli” to Tito Homer:

And that hits me. At this moment, I’m crying again because of him. Namimiss ko siya. I miss him. I miss those days na ako ang priority niya, ako lang at wala ng iba. I miss those sweet messages coming from him. Those late night calls. Nahihirapan ako. I’m hurt. I’m jealous. Ayaw kong gawin niya sa present niya yung ginagawa niya sa akin dati. Iniisip ko pa lang, napapaiyak na ako. And tama kayo, I need to let him go. I need to let myself grow. I need to move on and start a new life without him. Mahirap but little by little kakakayanin ko. Thank you very much Sir. I’ll keep those advice in my heart and mind. God bless!

He/She Said: God loves you Calli. You know that, right? He just started you off on your road to a happier life today. He’s holding your hand right now. Or maybe carrying you even. Kaya mo yan. Everyday is another step. One day at a time. Message us sometime when you’re totally free, ok?

Reply from “Calli” to Tito Homer & Tita Jinky:

I’m trying to not text, call and chat him. I hope I can. Kakayanin ko. I am hurt. I am. It hurts a lot. But I know God will help me. I’ll message you again next time, I hope I’m okay when that time comes. Thank you and God bless.

We at He Said She Said change the actual names and places and edit some parts of the message, to protect the identity of our message senders.

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