A love that never was, and will never be

by Marjorie Isip on He Said, She Said |

They say love never goes out of style!

That’s why when we are together we always complements each other.

I remember the day when I first saw you. You teased me for not saying hi to you and little did we know that we will be more than just strangers. We used to meet before class and chill outside munching on last night’s leftovers.

We used to hang out after class and just make the most of our time together. It could have been a happy ending but I met you when my heart already belongs to somebody else. We could have been a perfect pair!

I know deep in my heart I love you but I cannot love you so I did what I had to do — Leave and Stay away from you.

A few years have passed and we crossed paths. It seems that we still have something and rekindled the past. But the hate and the love that you felt me with was consuming us and I felt the hate more than the love you used to make me feel. You have changed a lot.

You were so different from the last time I saw you. You seem like a stranger from the past that I was trying to know and figure out again.

You met me when your heart already belonged to someone else. It could have been a great love story and it could have been a great continuation of what we used to have but it was too late. We were too late. I was too late.

I will never forget you because of the memory I always keep with me. It could have been us right now. But fate decided for us and the love that was and will never be is just a story to tell.

A love that never was…and will never be!

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