A Message to My Dearest Psyche

Image: pexels.com | pexels-photo-272887

HeSaidSheSaidPH | by Toryo

My beautiful goddess of Olympus
You are the only woman I admired the most

You deserved my love dear,
And I cant wait to live with you forever

In the midst of dark and blue
All I want is to be with you

Your purity is like a glamorous dove
Your face is nothing but to be loved

I am the victim of my own arrow
Hunting my own feelings dont put me on sorrow
You are my beautiful mistakes
I’ve always love you whatever it takes

Even though your beauty put hatreds to Goddess Venus
I will be your shield to protect you away from those jealous

Yes, I am the God of Love
I have a power to choose a persons who will be fall inlove
But I can’t stop the realm of destiny
I can’t even choose a woman using my own propechy

And now destiny choosing you as my beautiful half,
No matter how life is soft or how its rough
You always make me laugh,

Oh dear thank you, because I had met you.

Your love,

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