A Letter to My Beloved Medusa


HeSaidSheSaidPH |by Toryo

Serpent as it may seem
But you are the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen

Don’t think that you are unfortunate
You are the precious woman I’ve ever met

You deserve freedom and unending bliss
Medusa, listen “You are blessed”.

Many people are afraid to look in your eyes
As they don’t want to be a stone

But even though I became water and being crystalized
I never give up to tell this all for you until it’ll dawn

Your hair-like snakes is not what makes you ugly
But it brings you a beautiful angle in your body

Your dangerous eyes are pretty than those brightest stars
It’s not what makes unlucky which marked you a painful scars

I don’t believe of those people calling as a monster
Because you are a woman with a golden heart

They might harm you and put yourself on danger
But I’m always there to protect you even our distance are drifting apart

So please Medusa,
Open the door and join me
Don’t be too sad, and I’m here to make you happy

I’m a human and you’re a serpent
But it doesn’t mean that you are different

Perseus might have an intention to cut off your head
As they want your soul put on dead

Don’t be too affected to your greatest enemy
I know you are a strong woman like Persephone
Fight those darkness you have encountered
You are precious as what I’ve said.

Even though depression have an ability to kill us
We must not be too weak to fight this, Remember God is with us.

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