Sad Human

sad human | SAD HUMAN by Faye |

Insecurities and Anxieties totally messed up my colorful life and all that left me was just a tint
A tint that is so little but fearsome for it could drain my energy without any hint

It gave me things that are way too much to handle and too heavy to carry
That if my heart was just visible outside you guys can possibly seen it like falling debris

There’s always a time where you felt like you doesn’t exist
A time where you *felt nothing but lost in the midst

Times where your tears turned out to be unceasing
Your heart was so heavy & you don’t know how to stop it from trembling

Suddenly you came up to the point where you randomly ask yourself
Whether you’ve done something wrong or their understanding is too little like an elf?

I’m such a loser, im such a fool how can I get out in this mini labyrinth coz I’m about to lose my mind
But isn’t Ironic that this mini labyrinth of life can take your damn whole life in a way that is so unkind?

Though I’ve Been keeping myself busy with other stuff
But these frickin’ memories keeps on haunting me back

And I’ve heard too much of your expostulation
Do I really deserve to be in this kind of situation?
Seems like nothing in this world would go and agree with me
Coz everything see me as a dirt and misery

The world is so unfair that there are people who need to suffer more than anyone
I was unlucky indeed that I belong there even if I don’t want

Yet, I’m may be weak but I knew that I can get over it and be back on the right track
For sooner or later I’ll be living my life to its fullest & become strong like a hard rock

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