Eyes on Me

Eyes on Me
Image: Pexels.com | pexels-photo-365435

HeSaidSheSaidPH | by Toryo

I saw a handsome prince in a beautiful palace
He is composed of bravery and perfections
His eyes are like the diamonds where it’s shining under pressure
His lips are like a rose where it’s blended with red colors
on its petals, His cheeks are like a fresh pinkish flesh of meat
His teeth is white as snow, as when it’s dark it’s glowing

Oops! You’re sitting behind me
I can’t stop my heart beating as it’s jumping away
Baby, Eyes on me
Don’t turn your head away
I can’t even see your perfect face so please dont rejected me
Baby, Eyes on me
I can’t even see your smile, where it made my day.
Baby, Eyes on me
And you will saw your future lady
What is the purpose of your diamond eyes,
If you cant ever looking at me
What is the purpose of your snowlike teeth
If you don’t smile, because of me
What is the purpose of your red lips and pinkish cheeks
If you can’t even see me as a beautiful chicks
So please, turn around your head and look at me
You will see a beautiful princess dancing on a romantic medley
She is alone, where nobody dance with her
She is hopeless, finding with her partner.
So Baby come with me
You cant even regret if you have to choose me
Why would you just look at someone,
When there’s someone also looking at you.

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