How to install Flat Pack Kitchen for your Home

How to install Flat Pack Kitchen for your Home | How to install Flat Pack Kitchen for your Home | Whether you are dreaming of redecorating your kitchen or building it from scratch for a new home, you need to decide your budget and theme complimenting your overall home theme and then choose the set up accordingly.  While customised kitchen setups are quite common, but nowadays the flat pack kitchen setup is the new upcoming trend. They offer a fabulous mix of quality, style and value making them the perfect choice for householders, investors and DIY enthusiasts. The flat pack kitchen is basically a DIY type of kitchen that you can assemble yourself as per design that suits your space. All essentials are packed in a box together –all you have to do is put the pieces together, install them and you are all set. 

Easy Installation

The reason why most Australian households are choosing modular kitchens over conventional ones is the ease of assembling and disassembling. The flat pack kitchen supplies are chosen by you according to the kitchen space and your choice of design. Therefore, the components can be configured into almost any space of the kitchen. 

You don’t need to hire a professional installer; you can do it by yourself. Also, you can easily disband the components when any part breaks down, needs to be repaired or for regular maintenance and cleaning.    

Long Lasting Solution 

Each accessory, counter top, cabinetry material, etc are tailor made to last for years to come in the heat, grease and fume of your kitchen. According to your choice and budget, you can choose the flat pack kitchen set that can withstand the daily usage of the heavy appliances, pots and plate stacks. The cabinetry is made from strong and sturdy materials with ample space so that you can easily arrange the stacks of plates, pots, cutlery, crockery and utensils.  

In flat pack kitchen, all components like kitchen cabinetry, drawers and counter tops,are cut precisely and drilled at proper sections so that you can easily screw the pieces like jigsaw puzzles. 

Portablity and Easy Assembly 

The conventional kitchen supplies tend to be bulky as they often come with fully assembled models, be it a cabinet or a kitchen island. On the other hand, the flat pack kitchen supplies come disassembled and packed in such a way that transporting them up the staircases, lifts and from one room to another is hassle free. 

There is no need to stay inside the kitchen to assemble the parts as the flat pack supplies are not rigid. You can assemble the parts in comfort at any corner of your house and carry them to the kitchen without worrying about damaging the parts in that process.  

Durability with Elegance

The kitchen setup has direct effect on your mood and functionality –a rugged mismatched cabinetry or shabby-looking kitchen island will affect your culinary enthusiasm. One of the biggest advantages of flat pack kitchen sets is their unique visual appeal in comparison to custom kitchens. It feels great when you can have stylish tailored design kitchen without compromising on strength and durability of the materials.

No Need to Buy Altogether 

Unlike fixed kitchen setups, where you have to spend all at once to get the entire supply, in flat pack setups, you can easily purchase the modular parts separately according to your financial ability. Being modular and custom-made, the flat pack kitchen supplies including benchtops, panels, island top, cabinets, drawers, shelves. Also, the hinges, handles and runners can be purchased separately once you assemble the respective parts. 

Endless Customization at Low Cost 

Here, you have the full freedom to choose from a variety of options as in colour, pattern, texture- glossy or matt finish, shabby chic or timber grains, marble top or wooden paneling and so on. The personalization ranges from choosing the door fronts to light fixtures, sink to shelf covers –all according to your budget and choice. You can mix and match with different styles as per your taste.     

While fully assembled bulky kitchen solutions make you settle with the only design, material or pattern option they offer, the flat-pack set up lets you take the charge. From sleek style to durability, affordable price to easy maintenance – the flat-pack solutions will satisfy DIY enthusiasts and homeowners alike.

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