Long lasting love

Long lasting love

ni Dianne Aquino Ballesteros | HeSaidSheSaidPH.com | I’m with my dad drinking coffee while playing scrabble by the way my dad is 34 and I’m 17. Maagang nabuntis si mama pero pinanindigan siya ni papa while playing. I’m just wondering how to keep a long-lasting relationship
So I am asking if “How did you keep mama”

“What did you ask me again bruh ?”

so I ask him, if how did you keep her?”

He was a little bit shocked by what I’ve said

“It depends on how you treat her. But in my case, I didn’t keep your mom”
I’m shocked on what I’ve heard, “PAPA?!!” Tumaas ng konti yung boses ko

His eyes turned red and tears welled up but he didn’t cry. Instead, he took an inaudible sigh.

“A woman knows to understand everything. Even your little up to the biggest mistake, even you forgot to give her a little time of yours— she will choose to understand it. She knows how to patiently wait because she doesn’t wanna lose you. And that’s one of the greatest things a woman can do…” he started.

Yeah, he’s right. They chose to understand everything because they love their partner and as long as they can support them, they will do.

I looked at him intently as if he was going to give an important announcement. What do I expect? Young people like me nowadays are already hooked up in love.

He stood up and walked a little, with his left hand in his pocket.

“But, if she asked for attention and time— class, I am telling you, don’t judge her for being too much, needy and clingy because the MOMENT that you chose to fight with her instead of understanding her…” (he made an x sign using his both hands). “That’s a wrong move for us men.. because you will regret what might happen next.. Our woman will remain silent and ask no more after that. She will not ask for your time and attention forever.

You may not notice it abruptly but she will start to distance herself. You will no longer feel the sweetness and caring of her because she was hurt by your response. What’s worst is, that will be clouded in her mind that she’s just a distraction to you. She may be at your side, or stay by your side but she’s not as the same as before until you both get married. Yeah, she maybe remain your wife because she chose to be faithful and love you but she’s gone… the real her is already gone because of your actions.”

My heart thumped and I felt like I was attacked.

He gave a fake smile and secretly wiped his tears off. Pati ako ay naluluha rin.

“Diyan kasi ako nagkamali. Hindi ko siya inisip. I didn’t mind her feelings, and pinagalitan ko pa siya dahil sa tingin ko noon, sumusobra na siya.. and that’s one of the problems of the couples nowadays. We tend to forget to ask our partner of how is she/he, if she/he is still okay mentally, physically or emotionally, because nagiging kampante tayo dahil nasa atin na sila. Puro na lang iloveyou iloveyou, mag-usap din kayo minsan tungkol sa nararamdaman Ninyo . You should check your partner always. Baka kasi nag s-stay na lang siya dahil mahal ka niya, pero ‘yong affection ay wala na. That’s unhealthy peps. And yes, I failed as his man.”

Wait bruh do you have something to tell me? Nag-pout si papa with pagalit na mata
May nililigawan kana naman ? Sunod na tanong niya pero bago ko sagutin
Dumating bigla si mama, “Pa, ano nanaman sinabi mo sa anak natin ?”
my dad hug my mom and said

  • [ ] “I’m sorry. I couldn’t help… please do comeback now. I miss the old you, love.”
    My mom said kaya ikaw anak kapag nakaroon ka na nang partner you should check her

And guess what I’m a real bruh now.

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