How to Plan an Unforgettable Girls Trip

girls trip | How to Plan an Unforgettable Girls Trip | If you can’t remember the last time you were able to bond with your best friends without being interrupted by endless work calls or a crying toddler, then it might be time to reconnect with your girlfriends by going on an exciting getaway. There’s no denying you’ll return refreshed, recharged and ready to take on your everyday responsibilities once again when you get that love and support only best friends can offer. So, here are some of the best tips for planning a truly unforgettable girls trip:

Start planning well in advance

Whether it’s a couple of months or even a year in advance, it’s always best to start planning your trip as soon as you can, and make it a priority for the whole group, if you want your girls trip to actually succeed. Get together with your friends, talk about the dates that will suit each and every one of you, and then put it on the calendar to remind you of the importance of this girls getaway.

If you have the opportunity, plan for a five-day vacation over an extended weekend, as it’s the most ideal option for a girls trip. Any shorter, and the holiday will simply fly by too quickly; any longer, and it will make it harder for all of your girls to commit to the trip.

Be mindful of everyone’s budgets

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The whole meaning of a girls trip is to have fun spending quality time with your best friends, so don’t worry too much about the budget for the holiday. If money’s tight, you can still have a wonderful time bonding with your girls in a small cabin in the woods, a staycation in a local AirBnb or a local destination that’s just a short car drive away.

However, if you’re lucky enough not to be burdened by a set budget, then feel free to go shopping for the best summer dresses with your girls, and plan an exotic tropical vacation you’ve always dreamed of, to make your trip than much more exciting and truly unforgettable.

Don’t rely too much on your phone

If you truly want to get away and unwind on your girls trip, make it a point to put your phone on airplane mode, or better yet, don’t bring it to the trip at all. When you finally get a break from all the business calls and emails, and when you stop endlessly scrolling through social media while hanging out with your friends, you’ll be able to be more present in the moment and enjoy the company of your favorite girls, not to mention the incredible scenery that surrounds you.

If you rely on your phone for checking the time, you can always replace it with elegant outdoor watches that are ideal for traveling. After all, it’s much simpler to just glance at your wrist than pull a phone out of your handbag when your hands are busy handling maps, luggage and souvenirs.

Create a shared group itinerary

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Don’t leave the planning responsibilities up to only one or two girls. Instead, divide your days up so that each friend can schedule meals, activities and excursions for the day, including reservations. That way, no one is burdened with planning everything by themselves, and you’ll be certain your trip is filled with activities and events every girl will be able to enjoy.

Just don’t forget to schedule a few fun group activities that will help bring you closer together, whether it’s an outdoor yoga class, a regional cooking lesson, or even better, a spa day filled with pampering sessions, relaxation and pure indulgence.

Honor your small traditions

Do you and your best friends have any mini rituals or small traditions you tend to repeat every time you get together? Do you gather around the table and play your favorite board games that remind you of your childhood? Do you like to bake cookies, and snack on them while you watch a movie marathon? Or do you love getting all dolled up, going to the best nightclub, and sipping on cocktails all evening? No matter which activities you’ve always enjoyed doing together, making sure you incorporate them into your girls trip will give your vacation much more meaning, and it might even become a new tradition you end up repeating on your next trip together.

Sometimes a short getaway is all you need in order to have a rejuvenating and unforgettable experience. And with these incredible tips, you can easily plan an exciting girls trip that will truly be transformative.

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