I’d Rather


I would rather choose a roller-coaster ride if in the ends I can hold your hands.
I would rather choose to have tachycardic heart,
And feel that palpitation if in the ends I can witness your beautiful smile.
I would rather choose to hold your hands, see your beautiful smile,
And witness the eye’s you have when you look into mine.

Yes, I really felt the connection of love,
A love that wanted to burst out.
A kind of love that I waited for a longer time,
A love that wanted to stay by our side.

We’re just starting the best love story we have,
And it’s really a answered prayer.
Until the plot twist happened,
I woke up from my dreams and ended up writing here.

Documenting what happened
from my beautiful dream.
I just hope that when I start to close my eye’s
and get back to my dreamland,
I can see you again patiently waiting,
And your beautiful and full of love smile will be highlighten once our eyes meet again.

But before I close my eyes,
And get back to our love story,
I will whisper a prayer from my heart,
That in God’s perfect time it will going to happen,
But please don’t be tired of waiting, because I will not.
Till then, see you soon my love.

July 20 2019
(woke up from my beautiful dream)

Frencis Betito

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