It’s Easy

by Joy Springles | shared on He Said, She Said |

Many of us are afraid of moving on because of the thought that no one will love us again. That no one will admire and make us feel special again. That no one will see how we deserve to love and feel loved again.
We are afraid of moving on because we are thinking that we are not enough and we will never be enough for all the people that we love. Because we see ourselves that we are not enough just like those people who left us, made us feel that we’re not good enough.

Moving on? It’s the hardest part in every relationship that has ended when we invested so much love for the people who only left us. But moving on is like staying in a burning room, no one can save you but yourself.

It’s normal to be sad in waking up in the morning, seeing no messages from the people who meant so much to us. It’s sad to wait for a chance that they might miss us, that they might want to see us, that they might want to give our love a second chance, or that they might come back to us. I know it’s depressing. We all experience heartbreak. But the truth is, moving on is quite easy. If we can only accept the fact that you are not meant to be together. Accept the fact that God let you meet that person to teach you lessons, but not meant to stay in your life. God gave you this person for you to realize your self worth. Teaching you on how to handle the challenges in life, on how you should give yourself importance, and how you should treat yourself right.

Moving on is easy. All we have to do is to accept and let go. Because not everyone you meet are meant to stay in your life.

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