Lover of Life

by Ronz Aguila | shared on He Said, She Said

I am Ronz. My treasures in life include my kids, my family, and my precious friends. 
I am nothing now but a shattered soul, a broken heart, an empty spirit.
For so many years, I remained strong until nothing is left of me. I’m drained. I’m tired. I used to believe that life, in general, is good and happy. I showed the world how brave I am – with all the fake smiles and laughter.
See? I am a woman who’s dying inside and yet, you always see me so gay, so energetic, so crazy. I’ve never been so open to anyone simply because I don’t want people to feel pity for me or to worry about me. So I keep everything to myself. And what’s the best front to make everything sounds alright?
A smile. Yes. But for every laugh I share with people who loves me is a tear from a person I used to love. For every happy moment is a pinch of pain inside.
Despite of all of these life’s blows, I still choose to see the brighter side – that for every teardrop is a sigh of relief and that for every heartache is a love from those who matter.
I know myself better than anybody else does. God knows I have a pure heart – that I am a beautiful soul. It’s only Him who can judge me. Nothing is unknown to Him. He knows what’s inside me and it’s all that matters.
I am Ronz. I love those life’s treasures. I am trying hard to rebuild my shattered soul, to fix my broken heart, and to fill my empty spirit.
I still choose to be a lover of life.

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