Loving can make you strong and weak at the same time

by Kim Bicos on He Said, She Said |

It’s just frustrating to accept the fact that loving can make you strong and weak at the same time.

When you love, you’ll get the feeling that you can do anything—that nothing is impossible. You become someone who believes in everything because that’s just how love works. Love gives you confidence. It makes you strong: so strong that you wouldn’t care what others may think, so strong that you become someone’s savior, so strong that you become selfless just to make someone happy.

That is the part where it’ll suck—you give way too much of yourself to people you love until there’s nothing left.

And you know what sucks even more? That the ones you love can hurt you the most.

When you’re in love, you become exposed and vulnerable. They can hurt you because they know you. They will know your weak spots. They will know how to touch your soul and rip it all in pieces. No—in shreds. All because you give more away than you reserve for yourself. All you’ll feel is pain.

But you know what I learned from this? That pain is inevitable but suffering is a choice.

So when the time comes that you’ll love someone, be prepared. Be prepared to fly high and fall deep at the same time because that’s the only way you’ll survive.

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