Mistakes You Should Avoid When Creating Customized Bobbleheads

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Nowadays, you can find many bobblehead suppliers that offer the service to create personalized bobbleheads based on your own models. Usually, the models are taken from the photos that you have. From the photos that you submit to the supplier, they will create the custom figurines that are made to be similar to the person in the photo, with the special characteristic of a slightly bigger head.

Since there are many available bobblehead maker services in the market today, it is becoming increasingly difficult for many people to find the one that offers high quality work for the best price. Many services out there might offer lower price, but with the end products being of low quality. Here are some mistakes you should avoid when creating customized bobbleheads:

  • Not Following Each Stage Of The Progress

There are some good suppliers that will allow you to follow each stage of the progress in the creation of the personalized bobbleheads. For instance, it will be a part of the service when you order the custom figurines from Abobblehead.com. When you follow each stage of the creation process, the maker will only continue the progress when you approve it.

When you do this, it will ensure that you will get the bobblehead dolls exactly as you would want it to be. This is because when you notice something missing or something that needs to be added, you can tell the maker directly so that they can update it.

  • Providing Blurry Or Incomplete Photos

The photos that you provide to the bobblehead supplier will affect the end product that you will get from them. Remember that the photos need to be clear, and it should be taken from various angles. In this way, the maker will know how to model the customized bobblehead as accurately as possible.

When you provide blurry or incomplete photos, such as only providing one close-up photo for the bobblehead creation, it will make it difficult for the maker to model the custom figurines based on your photos. The result will be bad and inaccurate.

  • Low Quality Clay Materials With Very Little Polish

The clay materials used by the supplier will also affect the quality of the bobblehead dolls that you have. By using low quality clays, the end product will have low quality built, with bad durability and flexibility. Moreover, with very little polish, the end product might not look the way you want it to look.

So, knowing the type of clay materials used by the bobblehead supplier is also important. Make sure that they use high quality clay materials that are durable and flexible so that the custom bobbleheads can last longer. It should also be well-polished to ensure that the bobblehead’s appearance will look impressive.


If you decide to make a customized bobblehead, you need to at least avoid these mistakes to ensure that the end product that you receive will be of high quality. Otherwise, you might spend a lot of money for something that may not last long since it will be easily broken.

Abobblehead.com provides the best quality bobblehead creation service with the best price. It uses the high quality clay materials that make the custom figurines durable and flexible, with permanent colors. It also has good polish for all bobbleheads, whether you order it individually or in bulk.

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