Latest Design Trends for a Fantastic Backyard


One important part of your home is definitely your backyard. If decorated and maintained properly, it can be the perfect place for you and your family to relax and spend pleasant hours sipping lemonade in the sun, sunbathing or throwing a frisbee to your dog. When it comes to its appearance, your backyard should be a modern and inviting family space, where you can freely implement some trendy features to make it more practical and appealing. If you’re out of ideas, here are some good ones to guide you.

Make your landscape edible

If you’re one of those wonderful people who actually enjoy working in their garden and know their way around one, why not grow some food? Growing vegetables, fruit and herbs can make your backyard look nicer, while allowing you and your family to have some amazing homegrown ingredients for your favorite meals, or healthy fresh snacks for summer afternoons. Even if your garden is small, there’s still the option of making a vertical planter on one or two of your walls, using pots on your porch or deck, or even hanging planters from the eaves above your backyard.

Create an outdoor dining area

To give the phrase “eating out” a new and, let’s dare to say improved meaning, you should include a dining area into your backyard design. For those who take pleasure in cooking, an outdoor kitchen will be the perfect solution for combining the love of the outdoors with the love of making delicious meals for their family. Plus, with a big enough outdoor table and comfortable dining chairs with soft stylish cushions, you can entertain your friends there proudly over cocktails and great food any time.

Protect yourself from the elements

As fun and pleasurable as spending time outside can be, protecting your family and yourself from the harmful effects of direct sun should be one of your priorities. After all, it can get extremely uncomfortable outside on hot days if there’s no shade. On the other hand, it would also be great to have something to protect you from the rain when the weather is less than perfect. Finding one solution to both these issues is easy nowadays, so consider investing in lasting waterproof commercial shade sails. Other than being protective, they come in various colors and types, meaning that they can also add to your backyard’s allure.

Set up a kid-friendly corner

If you really wanted to give your little ones a playroom, but your house simply isn’t big enough for it, feel free to convert one part of your backyard into a play area just for them. Build them a slide and a swing, or even a tree house, maybe get a sandbox and they’ll love every moment they spend there. Plus, this is an excellent way to keep your kids away from all the screens and get them to spend more time outside, in the fresh air. And if you have enough space for a nice lawn where they can play various sports, even better.

Install an outdoor shower

This is surely one of those designs which are trending right now and something you have to have in your backyard. Of course, first thing you have to find is a corner of your backyard that’s secluded enough to protect you from the views of both, your household members and any neighbors or passers-by. This is actually a quite affordable fixture which can enable you to wash yourself outside and stay clean and fresh when the summer sun gets you hot and sweating. Plus, considering outdoor showers are usually reserved for beach homes and cabins, installing one will allow you to feel like you’re on vacation any day of the week.

Use these ideas to turn your backyard into an exciting place where you’ll be able to unwind after anything your day throws at you.

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