Moving On Advice from Someone Who’s Been There

Moving On Advice from Someone Who's Been There
Moving On Advice from Someone Who's Been There

from Andrea

Hi lady we are the same.
I’m a lady left hanging and empty.
It’s really hard for me to move on kase napamahal na siya saakin ng sobra.
Because we are complete package buddies. He’s like my bestfriend too but maybe he just came into my life to teach me a lesson.

Forgetting a happy memories and your favorite human isn’t easy, right? pero hindi yan ang paraan ng pag mo’move on kase mas lalo ka lang mahihirapan if pipilitin mo.

It’s acceptance.
Acceptance of the past. Acceptance of reality. Acceptance of what’s present right now.
but acceptance takes time.

You did cry? It’s okay because crying can help you to lessen the pain inside but that’s enough.
You did blame yourself? Ano naitulong sa ‘yo?
You hit yourself? Ano naitulong sa ‘yo?
You attempted suicide? Don’t do it again. Think of your family, don’t tell us you don’t have family because you have a friend and don’t tell us you don’t have friend because you have God, always.


Think of this. Ang problema hindi darating ng walang rason. Ang problema hindi darating kung hindi mo kayang lagpasan dahil ang problema ay isa lamang pagsubok sa ating buhay na magtuturo saatin sa tamang daan. Bakit ka magpapatalo kay problema? ANG STRONG MO KAYA!

Ang hirap na magmahal ng iba?

From the word ‘hirap’ and hirap is other term for problema. So you’ll let ‘problema’ totally ruin your happiness? ofcourse not, right? So kalabanin mo. Anong masama kung e try mo, diba? But always beware of taking goodcare of yourself and wag sino sino lang jan. Be a lady with class. Walang magandang output kung hindi paghihiirapan kaya pahirapan mo muna sila and see who will stay and who will give up.

Pero kung ayaw mo talaga then pass muna, focus on your family. Make quality time with them. Make happy memories. Make yourself busy with them na pupunta ka na sa point na you can live a day without your phone and thinking about what happened that broke your heart. Realizing masaya ka pala

Another is, concentrate on your passion or how are you going to turn goals into memories and to make your parents proud. If you did that, that is also a SWEET revenge to the person who left you like you’re nothing. *reminder: don’t you ever ever think of revenge na ikakasama mo sa mata ng mga tao. Don’t forget YOU ARE A LADY WITH CLASS.

If you need to block the girl of your ex or your ex just to forget them, do it for yourself. Don’t mind them if sasabihin nilang ‘di kase siya maka move on’ what important is you are doing that for you and not for them. Just let them talk behind your back. Let them try to put you down because that is just a sign that you are higher than them. Kindness lady

So habang bina basa mo to. Nakalimutan mo na yung sakit diba? So get up and wipe your tears. Smile and have your positive mind-set back. Walang itutulong sa ‘yo ang pag mu’mukmok at pag iyak jan. Get up and pick your otherself with 2.0 version Magpaganda ka lalo! Magpa sexy ka pa! Get you a gym, healthy refrigerator, a library, and a cool friends with your happy family. Isipin mong mabuti, masaya ka naman noon nung wala siya. So kaya mo ulit maging masaya.


Andrea B

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