It’s Now Possible to Pursue a “Raket” Through FundKo

Hindi ba kasya ang monthly income mo for #TravelGoals at #LifeGoals? Well, it’s time for you to go for that “raket”.

In a world where your wants and luxuries get in the way as you plan out your budget for the month, people could easily think of sorts of “raket” as they do their day jobs. Rather than settle for a freelance stint where your cash flow isn’t as stable as having a regular job, you could just go for that 8am-5pm job and have a separate income source on the side. Kung wala kang pamilyang sinusuportahan, you shouldn’t really feel pressured to earn hundreds of thousands. But of course, having extra money and emergency funds would make you feel less worried about your future.

Even before taking a big step towards finally having extra money besides your “sakto lang” budget, prepare yourself physically and mentally because it isn’t just an ordinary task. You should take note that first, you should know how to manage your time well. If browsing on social media sites takes 5 hours of your day, it’s time to change your ways. Ngayon, lalo nang mahahati ang oras mo because you have to hustle.

Pagkakitaan mo ang mga bagay kung saan ka magaling at kung anong gusto mo. Don’t get into a sideline which you you aren’t good at because it will be a more difficult process especially when you start. And once you’ve decided on which industry you are to enter, have a plan. Hindi ‘yung plano na hindi sigurado, pero ‘yung plano na may realistic goals. Do your research so you could have a guide.

Say for example, if you are planning to put up an online bakeshop, know the trends in pastries and desserts, its pricing, how much you would need to start and how much you could earn from it. Of course, halos lahat ng klase ng business na sisimulan mo ay mangangailangan ng pera. If your “sakto lang” budget doesn’t fit your lifestyle anymore, saan ka pa kukuha ng pera for a raket?

If you’re thinking about applying for a bank loan, mag-isip isip ka muna. Kahit mababa ang rates, it will be a rigorous process. Also, you may not have a collateral to present yet, so it’s really intimidating to go for a bank loan. If you’re thinking about 5-6 lending, forget about it. Your income from your raket would just go into the high-interest rate.

There’s nowhere to go than FundKo. It’s basically a peer-to-peer lending platform which connects verified borrowers and lenders in the Philippines. Here’s the catch: you’ll apply for a loan online so it would really be a fast, comfortable, and convenient process. The interest rates are fair, so your raket’s income would surely go a long way. With a FundKo loan, you could now pursue your life goals without worrying about your finances.

Now, with most of your problems solved, it’s time to get going. Keep your job so you’d have a stable cash flow, then do some magic to keep your raket afloat. ‘Wag mong hayaang mawalan ka ng trabaho dahil you’ll never know how your sideline would turn out, kaya dapat i-balanse mo ‘yung time and effort for both.

After all, being a raketera might turn you into a well-off millennial someday.


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